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This Map Of Each State’s Favorite Christmas Movie Proves Florida Makes No Sense

bruce willis in Die Hard

20th Century Fox

We’ve all heard it before: Die Hard is a Christmas movie and yada, yada, yada. Frankly, it doesn’t really matter, as the spirit of Christmas is what you make it. Whether you enjoy the holiday because of the food, the family, the gifts, or Bruce Willis’ bald head, that’s your prerogative.

What’s far more interesting is not whether you consider something a Christmas movie or not, but which one you consider your favorite.

For example, good ol’ Kentucky has chosen Elf as their favorite Christmas movie, a reasonable selection by all accounts. Delaware went for A Christmas Story, another classic choice. Tennessee reps A Christmas Carol, while North Dakota loves Home Alone. Par for the course, right? Right.

But then there are states like Texas, who enjoys cozying up by a fire and watching … Gremlins (?) during the holiday season. Or Florida, who loves to throw on … Batman Returns?

Look, I have no problem with someone considering something a Christmas movie, but putting Gremlins and Batman Returns over the likes of Home Alone and Elf just warps my brain.

Christmas should be about family, not about Danny DeVito being squeezed into a rotting penguin suit.

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Each State’s Favorite Christmas Movie

Alabama: Home Alone

Alaska: The Apartment

Arizona: Edward Scissorhands

Arkansas: Gremlins

California: Batman Returns

Colorado: Gremlins

Connecticut: Trading Places

Delaware: A Christmas Story

District of Columbia: Trading Places

Florida: Batman Returns

Georgia: Gremlins

Hawaii: Trading Places

Idaho: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Illinois: Home Alone

Indiana: Home Alone

Iowa: Home Alone

Kansas: Scrooged

Kentucky: Elf

Louisiana: Batman Returns

Maine: The Snowman

Maryland: Miracle on 34th Street

Massachusetts: Love Actually

Michigan: Holiday Inn

Minnesota: White Christmas

Mississippi: The Best Man Holiday

Missouri: Die Hard

Montana: Christmas in Connecticut

Nebraska: Bad Santa

Nevada: Edward Scissorhands

New Hampshire: A Christmas Carol

New Jersey: Trading Places

New Mexico: The Nightmare Before Christmas

New York: The Apartment

North Carolina: Gremlins

North Dakota: Home Alone

Ohio: Home Alone

Oklahoma: Gremlins

Oregon: Scrooged

Pennsylvania: Trading Places

Rhode Island: The Night Before

South Carolina: Gremlins

South Dakota: Frosty the Snowman

Tennessee: A Christmas Carol

Texas: Gremlins

Utah: While You Were Sleeping

Vermont: Joyeux Noel

Virginia: Die Hard

Washington: Die Hard

West Virginia: The Ref

Wisconsin: Die Hard

Wyoming: Scrooged

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