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Homeless Finds Nearly $20,000 & Does What You’d Least Expect: Returns It

Homeless man kevin booth returns $17000


A homeless man is being praised after turning in $17,000 in cash. He found the bag outside of the food bank.

Kevin Booth, 32, found the money outside the Sumner Food Bank in Sumner, Washington, in August. He, reportedly, pulled out a $20 bill and smelled it to ensure if it was real. Booth had not checked the exact amount of money in the bag.

When an employee of the food bank came into work, he turned it into her. The food bank then turned over the bag to the police. They kept it for 90 days, but no one came to claim it.

Later, the police found Booth and told him exactly how much was in the bag. He had told, Puyallup Herald, “I just about fainted. I’ve never touched that much money, and I don’t think I ever will again,” He then added.

“There are a lot of people who would have taken it. ‘I’m just not that person.”

Sumner Food Bank homeless man finds $17000

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The money had not been claimed, so the police gave it back to the food bank. The food bank plans to use the funds to expand the building. They also rewarded Booth, though they did not disclose how much.

Booth was also awarded a citizen certificate by the Sumner Police Department.

Booth regularly stops by the food bank to pick up food from their breadbox. He has been homeless on and off for the past seven years. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Booth and has so far raised over $1,000.

A post on the page revealed that Booth had a tumor removed from his brain when he was 18. After the surgery, he was left partially mentally handicapped.

A commenter on the GoFundMe Page summarizes it well: “When a young man who is mentally insufficient to provide for himself has the amount of cash (in his hand could literally turn his life around) and uses it to feed others what else can u say LOVE means than something like this??”

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