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Chelsea Watrous Cook Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

Chelsea Watrous Cook

Salt Lake County

32-year-old Chelsea Watrous Cook has been identified as the woman who allegedly shot and killed her ex-husband’s girlfriend in front of two 3-year-old children around 7 p.m. on Sunday, November 25.

What Happened?

According to reports, following the shooting, Cook was booked into the Salt Lake County jail on one count of aggravated murder.

The victim was identified as 26-year-old Lisa Vilate Williams on Monday, November 26. She was found with at least two gunshot wounds to her torso and was pronounced dead after she was rushed to the hospital.

Cook was a health and yoga at Skyridge High School in Lehi, Utah.

via Fox 13:

Police learned Cook had come to the apartment to deliver cold medicine for one of the twin 3-year-old children the couple had from their previous relationship. Cook remained in the apartment unlawfully after being asked to leave, and locked herself in a bathroom.

The woman eventually left the bathroom and walked toward her coat, but suddenly pulled out a handgun and fired three to five rounds at Williams, according to the statement of probable cause. Williams fell to the couch after being shot.

Cook’s ex-husband took the handgun away from her and went to help Williams, and Cook sat down on a chair. When Cook got up moved back toward her coat, he pinned her against the wall until police arrived.

The Alpine School District, the district where Cook worked, released the following statement.

“This morning we learned about a situation involving one of our Skyridge teachers, Ms. Cook. She was arrested and charged with a serious crime. We know there will be information in the media regarding this incident. We want you to be aware of what we have learned, so we can help you process and provide support to any of you who may be in need.

This type of news is hard to comprehend and we want you to know that teachers, counselors and your parents can help provide support in this difficult time.”

Who Is Chelsea Watrous Cook?

This is not the first time that Cook has been in trouble with the law. In October, Cook was involved in a domestic violence incident and was charged with two counts of domestic violence in the presence of the child and one count of assault.

Following the incident, Cook She was charged with two counts of domestic violence in the presence of the child and one count of assault. She pled not guilty to those two misdemeanor charges.

Her Facebook page says that she is a graduate of Brigham Young University who worked in Lehi High School before teaching at Skyridge.

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