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WATCH: Muay Thai Fighter Knocks Out Opponent & Referee At Same Time (VIDEO)

Muay Thai fighter Gou Dakui knocks out his opponent and referee at the same time


A Max Muay Thai event in Thailand over the weekend delivered a rare yet spectacular highlight to the combat sports community when rising 25-year-old Chinese star Gou Dakui faced off against Super x Sitsontidech of Thailand.

In the second round, Dakui scored a TKO victory but perhaps he should have been given credit for two.

After landing multiple heavy right hands that had Super x Sitsontidech on the ropes and out on his feet, the referee attempted to come running in to save the day.

Unfortunately for the ref, Dakui was already in the process of uncorking a big left head kick and the referee found his way right in its path as it connected right on the button. It created a moment of madness in the ring.

Check out the highlight below, via  Yodsanan on Twitter.

Crazy scenes unfolded at todays Max Muay Thai, as Gou Dakui knocks out both his opponent and referee at the same time. pic.twitter.com/jfrFeVsPo6

— Yodsanan (@_Yodsanan) November 24, 2018

BJPenn.com has more information on the fight:

Gou got the win in the second round by TKO after being dropped by Super X early in round one. He battled back in the second round when he started to put the aggression on and threw a right hook which was when the ref stepped in to end the fight where Gou then threw the kick.

With the win, Gou Dakui now stands at 21-9 while Super X Sitsontidech falls to 60-32-2.

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