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Antony Karagiannis: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Casey Anthony’s Boyfriend

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Antony Karagiannis has reportedly been identified as the man who is dating Casey Anthony — who was infamously acquitted of murdering her own daughter in 2011.

According to reports, Karagiannis, 38, and Anthony, 32, were seen together at the Bru’s Room in West Palm Beach, Florida, back in October.

Radar Online, who first reported the story, said that Karagiannis claimed that Casey’s past — such as being accused of murdering her own daughter two-year-old daughter Caylee in 2011 — is “none of my business” and that he doesn’t “really care.”

Anyone know this idiot with Casey Anthony? 👿💩 pic.twitter.com/QQxWroveey

❤blaiss ❤ (@Blaiss) November 18, 2018

via Radar Online

“Her past is none of my business. I don’t know anything about it,” Karagiannis told Radar.

“She’s very friendly,” Casey’s new man continued. “When I first met her, I knew the name, but I never really read into it. I don’t really care!”

Shortly after Casey was spotted with Karagiannis, her father, George, remarked in a TV interview that he knew she’d been “seeing someone.” He added: “They’re very involved, which is great. I’m glad for her.”

Although Karagiannis claimed he is “not dating” the accused killer Opens a New Window. , other sources said he’d left a long-term girlfriend devastated by dumping her for Casey.

However, as it turns out, Karagiannis is no saint himself, as it was alleged that he has posed as a police officer on “numerous” occasions at his ex-girlfriend’s apartment complex in West Palm Beach, Florida, in order to secure additional parking spots. Charges were never filed against Karagiannis for alleged incidents, though.

Additionally, in 2005, Karagiannis was arrested by the Del Ray Police Department on suspicion of a battery.

In October 2008, Casey pleaded not guilty to the alleged first-degree murder of her two-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony.

Her not-guilty verdict was met with widespread public backlash, as many thought Anthony was clearly guilty of the heinous crime. However, analysts say that the prosecution’s case suffered because they were too reliant on Anthony’s allegedly poor moral character because they were unable to show conclusively how exactly young Caylee had died.

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