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Clemson Sorority (?!) Ordered To Shut Down

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The Delta Phi chapter of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at Clemson University has told by their national organization that the chapter must close before the end of the academic school year.

According to reports, a representative of the national Kappa Alpha Theta organization notified the members of the impending closure on Wednesday, November 14.

A report from the Independent Mail says that the 117 active members of the sorority will have the option to vote to either close at the end of the semester or close at the end of the school year.

Kira Novack, the advisory board chair for the Delta Phi chapter, was sure to reiterate that the reason for closure was not financial or disciplinary. Additionally, Novack says that the sorority members were given notice in October that the national Kappa Alpha Theta was investigating the chapter’s low membership.

Kappa Alpha Theta was reportedly a small sorority in comparison to some of the other organizations on campus.

“We are deeply disappointed for the women who currently make up this chapter and for the many alumnae who have by and large been outstanding representatives of Clemson over the past 46 years. While this was not a university decision, it is important to reiterate these women are in good standing with the university. We are aggressively lobbying decision-makers for reconsideration, especially with respect to 2018 chapter initiates,” Philip Sikes, the Communications Director for the Division of Student Affairs, said in a statement.

However, as a result of the closure, recently initiated new freshmen will now be left unable to join other sororities.

The impending closure of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at Clemson University comes just months after the school announced that they would be cracking down on fraternity rules and regulations to reduce the risk of “unsafe” behavior.

Schools and universities all across the country have installed sweeping and systematic changes to their Greek life organizations in an effort to thwart the alcohol and hazing-related incidents that have been occurring at fraternities over the decades.

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