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Over 60 New England College Students Arrested For Underage Drinking At Once

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Over 60 students at New England College are facing misdemeanor criminal cases and potential college disciplinary action due to the aftermath of a recent house party on campus.

According to Tom Horgan, New England College’s director of public relations, the students that were arrested at the October 28 party will face discipline through the school’s judicial process.

Additionally, Horgan said that New England College assisted the Henniker Police Department in bringing the students back to campus after they were booked and fully supports the police department’s decision to bring misdemeanor criminal charges against the students

“We assisted the Henniker Police Department and brought the students back to campus after they were booked,” Horgan said.

via New Hampshire Union-Leader:

Trouble started after 1 a.m. at a Depot Hill Road home. The house, located off the school’s campus, is rented by two students who threw a large party that attracted more than 100 guests. Police soon received a 911 call alleging men at the party were assaulting women, according to Henniker Police Chief Matthew French.

As officers responded, police also received a complaint about the noise coming from the party. There was no evidence of the reported assaults, French said, but there were numerous underage students at the location who had been drinking. French and Horgan both said it is not unusual in a college town to have underage students drinking.

Because of the large number of students at the party, French called in help from the New Hampshire State Police, Hopkinton and Hillsborough police departments to aid in the booking of students. New England College provided one of the school’s sports vans to transport the students back to campus.

French confirmed Horgan’s claim that the university assisted, saying that because police can only fit a few suspects in their cruisers at a time, “the school’s help made the process easier.”

Furthermore, French said that the two students who hosted the party are facing misdemeanor charges of hosting an underage drinking party.

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