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The 5 Most Cringe Worthy Moments On Live TV Of All Time

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It happens, moments of embarrassment. Everyone goes through them and must get over it. However, some people have a larger climb to get over their embarrassing moment. We are talking about the rock bottom of embarrassment. Some of their careers were ruined because of their cringe-worthy moments. These are people who should have stayed at home instead of putting their face in front of a camera. Unfortunately, live television isn’t for everyone. Here are the top most cringe-worthy moments on live TV we will never forget and never stop watching on YouTube.

Steve Harvey Wrong Winner

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Everyone remembers the moment Steve Harvey said the wrong winner. It was like watching Ross say Rachel’s name at his wedding. But, unfortunately, for Harvey, this wasn’t a fictional show. After he announced Miss Colombia had won, he stopped the celebrations and said he had made a mistake and crowned the wrong person. Then comes the awkward removal of the crown from Miss Colombia to Miss Philippines. And if you thought this didn’t get any worse. Harvey decided to apologize on twitter embarrassing himself even more misspelling both countries names. Names are just not his forte.

Britney Spears 2007 MTV VMAs Performance

09/09/2007 – 09/09/2017
10 years and still iconic
GIMME MORE – VMA's@britneyspears pic.twitter.com/pHd5BdsJdv

— Alejo 🐊🐊🐊 (@Alejo_GE) September 9, 2017

The performance of what should have been a comeback for Spears, but what turned out to be just as bad as her shaved head experience. After leaving rehab and fighting a custody battle, this performance was supposed to give her a new light. This is where we say she did not make an excellent comeback. In fact, Spears managed to put on what looked like a middle school performance. With a poorly fitted outfit that showed too much of what should have been covered, she managed to forget half of her choreography and mess up her lip-sync song of “Gimme More.” This was less cringy and more painful to watch.

Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift

And Taylor Cried a river"@Notoriouskhris: 5yrs ago today,Kanye blessed us with the greatest moment in VMA history pic.twitter.com/RyfP9ZpUne

— Richard (@TWEETARRAZZI) September 16, 2014

No live TV cringe list can leave out the Kanye West and Taylor Swift VMA moment. The night that started their childish feud. West was full of anger when he saw Swift had topped Beyoncé. The line that we will never forget, “I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!”. The real hero in this was queen bee, Beyoncé who later invited Swift back on stage to finish her speech. Then that night Beyoncé won Video Of The Year, which left West’s little temper tantrum unnecessary.

Aubrey Plaza Attempts To Steal Will Ferrell’s Award

#Aubrey #Plaza #Pulled A #Kanye And #Reportedly Got #Kicked Out Of The MTV … – http://t.co/oNrXWp3rocpic.twitter.com/mogejEIVfi

— SquaremeltCelebs (@CelebsSMelt) April 16, 2013

This is an incident most people don’t know of, but it’s one to remember. Ferrell was being honored with the Comedic Genius Award. When giving his thank you speech, Plaza rushed on stage, barefoot and drink in hand attempting to steal the award. Ferrell, who is known for his cringy comedic styles in his movies was very confused about the moment. A few seconds of awkward silence and wondering what Plaza was doing, she eventually let go and went back to her seat. Plaza was later kicked out of the venue for her actions. Plaza says it wasn’t a planned scene, and luckily for us, we have it all on tape to re-watch and relive the cringe-worthy moment.

Miley Cyrus & The Foam Finger

Hannah Montana wants to be ratchet so bad it makes want to cry @MileyCyrus please take a seat after that performance pic.twitter.com/tZD055W0dy

— T 💁🏾 (@_tfents) August 26, 2013

The lovable Hannah Montana star turns into something we can not explain in words. Cyrus explains enough when, basically, humping a foam finger. Cyrus performed with Robin Thicke the song “We Can’t Stop” and “Blurred Lines.” Cyrus twerked against Thicke and proceeded to rub the foam finger in her nether regions. The camera cut to Will Smith and his family in shock at the performance. Later, people took to Twitter and gave their opinions on the wildly disgusting performance. Luckily, for Cyrus four years after the performance, she was able to reinvent her career and released “Malibu.” We are going to call this cringy moment, Cyrus’s rebelling days.

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