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Lambda Phi Epsilon At Cal Poly Suspended For Hazing & Alcohol Violations



The Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity chapter at Cal Poly has been suspended due to numerous hazing and alcohol violations.

According to a report from The San Luis Obispo Tribune, an investigation by the university — which was launched on September 28 — found that the fraternity had taken part in “systematic hazing of new pledges in recent years.”

The investigation found that throughout the course of several years, Lambda Phi Epsilon perpetuated a hazing culture and forced pledges to take part in hazing activities such as knuckle push-ups and late-night ocean submersion.

In addition to the extensive hazing, the chapter also reportedly provided alcohol to students, including minors, and forced new recruits to drink large amounts.

As a result of the suspension, Lambda Phi Epsilon will be disaffiliated from the university for a minimum of two years or until all current members have graduated or otherwise left Cal Poly — whichever takes longer. Additionally, there will be no appeals process for the fraternity.

via The San Luis Obispo Tribune:

“It really sucked in the moment, it was the hardest thing ever … But this is something I think everyone knows about,” an anonymous source who allegedly witnessed the hazing told the Mustang News.

The university has also asked the national fraternity, which claims on its website to be the world’s largest Asian-interest fraternity, withdraw its recognition of the local chapter. It’s unclear whether that has taken place as of Saturday, and the Cal Poly chapter is still listed as active on the national website with a link to a Facebook page.

Mustang News also reported that Lambda Phi Epsilon was placed on social probation during the winter 2018 quarter after it was found to have had alcohol at a recruitment event.

The suspension of Lambda Phi Epsilon at Cal Poly is the latest major fraternity or sorority lawsuit, investigation, suspension or closure in the last year, as schools such as Indiana University, the University of Michigan, Wake Forest University, Ohio State University, Texas State, Florida State, Ball State, Louisiana State University, and Penn State have all suspended fraternities in the wake of hazing and alcohol deaths.

These reports come amidst similar allegations that have been made against fraternities nationwide, including Sigma Alpha Epsilon at East Carolina University, who was shut down for hazing and the Lambda Chi Alpha chapter at the University of Arkansas which has been accused of taking sexually explicit photographs of women without their permission.

In response to incidents like these, fraternities such Phi Kappa Psi have made numerous changes to their code of conduct in an effort to address the issues that have arisen. In addition, schools such as Texas State, West Virginia University, and Penn State University have introduced new Greek Life rules to try and prevent these problems.

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