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Laquanda Lenea Mosle: Full Story & Must-See Details

Laquanda Lenea Mosle arrested

Laquanda Lenea Mosle

Laquanda Lenea Mosle has been identified as the woman who uploaded a video herself dunking her five-month-old baby’s head underwater. The video shows the young child’s head being put head-first upside down into water.

In the video — which was posted to the Facebook page of Kevin Banks, the infant’s father — Mosle can be heard yelling “This is what you f***ing want”.

After the video was posted, the Griffin Police Department was contacted on Tuesday, October 17 by Banks, who lives out of state.

Mosle was arrested by the Griffin Police Department on Wednesday, October 18 and charged with felony aggravated assault with attempt to murder, child cruelty, and terroristic threats. She is currently being held in Spalding County Jail.

Griffin Police Lt. Michael Natale said investigators are currently in the process of securing additional warrants against the mother.

via Fox:

“It’s tough to watch. It’s tough to watch. I think we all can agree on that,” said Capt. Chris Wilson, Griffin Police Department.

He added officers made the arrest after conducting a welfare check at the mother’s apartment on the 800 block of North Eighth Street.

According to the police, Mosley told officers she shot the video Tuesday and sent it to the child’s father as a Facebook message. The father then posted it on social media before contacting the police.

“If it wouldn’t have been posted we wouldn’t have known,” Capt. Wilson said in a press conference. “That’s the kind of the double-edged sword.”

The infant was checked out by medical staff at the Spalding Regional Hospital. She has since been released. They have not said whether the infant received any injuries.

Based on Facebook messages sent by Mosle, the threat to the infant’s life seems to be over child support payments.

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