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WATCH: Rowan University Students Detained At Gunpoint


Police have released 13 videos that span over two hours of footage from 13 police body cameras of what transpired during a traffic stop at Glassboro, New Jersey on October 1, 2018.

The video begins with officers responding to a panic report that involves a shoplifting case inside Collegetown Shopping Center. A man who appears to be the one who made the call, tells police officers that a man with a black gun was seen getting in a black Dodge Charger and escaped.

“He came out of a store with a gun in his hand and walked into the car with a gun,” the witness says, and also acclaiming police that he was “one-thousand percent” certain the individual was holding a “black gun.” The witness said that the getaway car was a black Dodge Charger.

Officers then rushed to pursue the car while calling for backup in a chase that ended up in a parking lot in Rowan University.  According to the police, the two suspects inside the Charger were two students from the University.

Rowan Alert: At approx. 5 pm, Glassboro PD identified a vehicle belonging to an individual who was reportedly armed. See your Rowan email for details.

— Rowan University (@RowanUniversity) October 1, 2018

“Put your hands out the window — do it now!” one officer yells.

“Driver, roll down all the windows with your left hand — do it now!” he yells again. “All passengers put your hands up — do it now!”

The driver exited the car with full compliance with the officer’s demand as they detain him. The video then went on to document the passenger getting off and also being detained. Both were then placed in the back of patrol vehicles.

In an interview with ABC, the two students Altaif Hassan and Giavanna Roberson said that they feared for their lives.

“He ain’t making it to class ’cause we thought he had a gun,” the driver says, appearing to mock police. “He didn’t have a gun. We got a black student on campus. We hear this story every day on the news. I’m tired of this s–t, bro.”

When Hassan’s brother confronted the police about their approach to the whole situation, the officers denied Hassan’s brother’s allegations and said that “it’s not ridiculous because we have a family to go home to.”

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Hassan stated that he had just picked up his eyeglasses at the store and when they got back to campus, police arrested him.

The students were then released when the police couldn’t find anything.

Glassboro Police Chief Franklin Brown, Jr. said in a statement, “The videos are being offered in the spirit of complete transparency and to demonstrate the Police Department’s compliance with appropriate protocols and training for dealing with this type of incident.” He also said that his officers “utilized their training and followed established protocols to ensure the safety of everyone involved in this incident.”

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