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10 Weirdest Halloween Costume Ideas You Should Consider

Weirdest Halloween Costume Ideas


It’s the most important time of the year. It’s time to choose what you are wearing for Halloween. Time is ticking, it’s time to make your costume the best that it can be. Or you can be that person who just goes to target and grabs the cheapest costume. You do you, it’s your choice. But, whatever you do, make sure it’s a good one. There are many costumes out there that really don’t make any sense, are incredibly offensive, and just plain weird. It may create a good laugh for a few, but you are forced to wear this costume all night, do you really want to laugh at all night? You are going to have to be very drunk to deal with all the laughter. Here are some of the weirdest costumes you could wear on Halloween, but we do suggest not wearing them.

Build A Wall

#costume Funny Donald Trump Build A Wall Mexico Will Pay Zip Up Costume Jumpsuit https://t.co/JYDgFaPnot #ad pic.twitter.com/VZw0DcpGrY

— The Site: Art Online (@fantasysite) October 16, 2017

This costume is literally a suit, that is a brick wall, it says “Mexico Will Pay.” No! Jus, no! Why would someone wear this? Why would someone make this? For those of you with a sense of humor, it is kind of funny of how crazy the costume is and looks. But, it’s a huge insult. Halloween is supposed to be fun and entertaining, not rude and horrible. And that’s what this costume is, rude and horrible.

Magnum XL Condom

#Ad #costume Gold Trojan Magnum Condom Wrapper Costume Adult Mens OSFM NIP https://t.co/OzY62o48O3 🧙‍♂️https://t.co/JfRsX2KUCZ pic.twitter.com/xb2OH5GRpf

— The Site: Art Online (@fantasysite) September 23, 2017

Safety first, literally. It’s an excellent way to promote safe sex and to show off how small your penis is. Most guys who do wear this laugh off the fact that they would not be able to fit into that size condom and by wearing it as a costume will be the only way. Other than that, it’s a hilarious costume that will bring laughs to many adults. If kids see you, you can just tell them you are a cold chocolate wrapper. Or if you are too scared to say to them, just give them a piece of candy and ask them to shew.

Blow Up Dick

Don't b just a #dickhead, b a full fledged #dick! Introducing #Inflatable #Willy #Costume. http://t.co/lhwfTSeLaJ pic.twitter.com/LdhKunZfc8

— rolo (@rolostore) April 29, 2013

You know that saying, “you are a giant dick.” Well, now you can be! We present to you the blow-up dick. Kind of like the blow-up dinosaur but not really. And it’s not just the dick itself you get balls too. No, you do not get your own squirt gun for the cum, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go buy one. But, in all honesty, if you show up to a party wearing this, please leave and never return.

The Banana Flasher

Rasta Imposta
Banana Flasher Men's Costume https://t.co/QuVViDHqia pic.twitter.com/EXkqwoxArU

— Javier Alonso (@javiertijerina9) December 2, 2015

This one deserves some applause. Banana’s are the top food to basically make fun of whenever anyone eats them. You all know what I mean. Now, since you can’t eat this costume, might as well flash everyone the banana you all know and love. Instead of just a regular boring flasher, you get the banana flasher. What better way to flash off your goods than flashing it off with a banana peel. Go ahead everyone, show off your large fruit!

Pregnant Prom Queen

Instagram Photo

Prom queens are supposed to be perfect and that all around sweet girl. But, news flash, not everyone is perfect. Haven’t you all heard Hannah Montana’s famous song? So, with this costume, you get to be that not perfect pregnant prom queen. Not only will you be expecting a child but you can show off your tiara to all the losers at the party.

Prego Tinkerbell

value village in hamilton has you covered if you want to be a pregnant gender bending tinkerbell for halloween pic.twitter.com/yke08QsUfx

— WhigfieldVEVO (@politicalth0t) October 10, 2015

Another pregnant costume. You can see it’s a theme here with all the innocent type of costumes. And what better way than to choose the Disney character with zero lines in a movie. And in some way, this Tinkerbell costume works the pregnant look. Now be careful with this costume. If someone doesn’t believe in fairy babies, you and your child could lose their light. Also, it would probably be wrong if you were seen drinking in this, but then again you are only pretending.

Hold Me Mommy


This is the costume for all those mamma’s boys, probably not the best for girls since all of them have yelled the line “I hate you” and now owe everything to them. But for you guys, if you love your mom’s, this is the costume for you. You get to be that little baby you once were and get the chance to be held by your mother. Or, well, fabric mother that looks like a possessed doll. But it’s okay, your costume adds an allusion so people will be trying to figure out how your costume works rather than the weird mother staring at them.

Couple Outlet & Plug

Can't wait to be a couple costume of a plug and outlet with josh on Wednesday pic.twitter.com/UQKgI9fH

— Rach Hutch (@Rach_Hutcherson) October 30, 2012

If you want to be closer to your significant other and want to be a crappy costume, you two can be an outlet and plug. Get it? It’s a sex joke, you guys! Yeah, we know, it’s not that funny. But, the costume is pretty clever. We aren’t going to lie, but it’s clever for about two to three minutes until it’s just a random outlet and plug. We will warn you though, some drunk guy will probably try to plug in their phone into you.

Tampons and Blood

This is too funny!😂 #funnyhalloween costume #tampon #pad pic.twitter.com/XzZQ8rjHDR

— Isali selene (@Isalijv) October 31, 2013

This one is a bizarre and gross costume idea, and we don’t know why someone would choose to wear it. Not only should a women’s period be kept private and away from the public, but people you can come up with a better idea than blood and tampons. You could literally be a toothbrush and still be better than this. We have nothing more to say but, please do not wear this costume.

The Super Sperm


The best for last, or should we say worst for last. We really can’t make up our minds for this costume. It’s probably the best worst costume ever. Not only are you a superhero but you are a super sperm. You are bringing life into the world one ovary at a time. So, go be the superhero you are and plant your seed in your girl. But, please make sure you are clean before you create life. We don’t want you turning into an evil sperm

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