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Harmless Balloon Spreads Panic and Lockdown At Simmons University


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What Happened?

Shots fired were heard near Simmon’s University around 2:36 p.m, on 300 Fenway on October 4, 2018, in Boston, Massachusetts. The University sent out alerts regarding an active threat on campus and ordered students and faculties to shelter in place.

The email and text alerts told people on campus to hide and barricade the door. “Active threat on campus. If on campus, barricade door & hide. Avoid windows. Run, if an option. Avoid campus. Wait for instructions.”

Students at Simmons University are on lockdown and are hiding following reports of an active threat on campus. Reports of shots fired in the area. pic.twitter.com/zeqmUsZSOW

— News This Second (@NewsThisSecond) October 4, 2018

Northeastern University and Emmanuel College have both confirmed police activity near the Simmons campus and Boston Latin School and all put out lockdown alerts.

Police activity near Boston Latin School. Shelter in Place. This is not a drill. More information to follow.

— Emmanuel College (@EmmanuelCollege) October 4, 2018


Boston police confirmed officers were dispatched to the area of 300 Fenway, which is where the Simmons University science building is located.

In a Boston 7 News live interview, Katie Ash a freshman at Simmons University, has confirmed that there were no sounds of gunfire at the library, but received a text about a lockdown and proceed to hide in the bathroom.

Boston Latin School said shortly before 3:30 the school was still in ‘safe mode’.

At 3:23 pm, Boston Police have confirmed and given the all clear at Simmons University about no active shooter and that the emergency condition is over and everyone should resume normal activities. Police officers have arrested a suspect for the incident.

Students evacuated from Simmons University amid unconfirmed report of a shot fired, perhaps at the Science Building. Some students are in tears, phoning or texting parents. pic.twitter.com/Jl6ZyBrewr

— Jonathan Hall (@JHall7news) October 4, 2018

According to Kaylen Addison, Associate Director of Advancement Marketing and Communications at Simmons University tweeted that there was no active shooter, but it was the sounds of balloons being popped.



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