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WATCH: Cops Brutalize African American Family From DeSoto, Texas


A Texan family of five was slammed to the ground after the mother called 911 for help. Sammie Anderson, the mother of four sons, called the police when she witnessed a heated argument between two of her sons. Little did she know what was about to happen.

“It was the worst decision I’ve ever made as a mom,” Anderson told Dallas Morning News.

What Happened


Police arrived at the scene with weapons drawn and immediately demanded everyone to lay on the ground to be handcuffed. An officer explained, “we’re just detaining everybody,” despite repetitive statements of a family member saying “no one is fighting.”

Sammie Anderson has a medical history of epilepsy and tells the police officers that she might have a seizure. Still, she was slammed on the ground so hard she suffered from a sprained ankle and shoulder.

Police officers were also seen tasing her 20 years old son Grant Bible.

When confronted with the reasons behind their actions, one officer replies “he was not cooperating so he got tased like he should’ve. I don’t care what’s going on — when we get here we’re in control.’’

2018 DeSoto Police Memorial and unveiling of our new Law Enforcement Monument. pic.twitter.com/d7o1qrLOkP

— DeSoto Police Dept (@DeSotoPD) May 18, 2018

When a complaint was filed for excessive force, Chief Joe Costa from the DeSoto police force replied that with the information they received from dispatchers and from the scene, their officers acted appropriately to the incident. However, he refused to release footage recorded by officer’s body cameras, with the defense of ongoing investigations.

It wasn’t until civil-rights activists started to call concerning the issue of police brutality, that led to the police department to finally released the 44-minute dash cam video.

According to WFAA, Anderson and two of her sons were laid off from their jobs because of days missed while they were in jail or for doctor appointments.

After the incident, Anderson makes a statement about regretting her decision to call the cops and what it means to be an African American living in America.

 “I’m told by family members and other people that’s the worst thing I could do, being an African American mom with four African American sons. And it shouldn’t be that way. When I think about all the mothers out there who lost their sons the one thing I can walk away with is that mine are still here. Even though you bruised them, they’re still here. Even though you hurt them, they’re still here. They’re still here.”

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