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NBA Draft Lottery 2018: All Teams Odds Of Landing the First Overall Pick


Tonight brings us the NBA Draft Lottery, an always anticipated event that often draws more social media chatter than actual playoff games. This year’s lottery will be of particular interest given the strength of the prospect pool, what with DeAndre Ayton, Luka Doncic, Marvin Bagley III and Trae Young (and others) looking like potential franchise-changing superstars. Teams will be eager to nab one of these players as rookies have dominated the NBA Playoffs and have shown they can make a difference immediately. Without further ado, here are each of the Lottery teams odds of landing the first overall pick.

Odds & Chances For Each Team

Phoenix Suns: 25 Percent
Memphis Grizzlies: 19.9 Percent
Dallas Mavericks: 13.8 Percent
Atlanta Hawks: 13.7 Percent
Orlando Magic: 8.8 Percent
Chicago Bulls: 5.3 Percent
Sacremento Kings: 5.3 Percent
Cleveland Cavaliers (from Brooklyn Nets): 2.8 Percent
New York Knicks: 1.7 Percent
Philadelphia 76ers (from Los Angeles Lakers): 1.1 Percent (if this pick turns into the 2nd or 3rd overall selection it goes to Boston, otherwise it stays in Philly)
Charlotte Hornets: 0.8 Percent
Detroit Pistons: 0.7 Percent (this pick goes to the Clippers if it does not jump into the top 3)
Los Angeles Clippers: 0.6 Percent
Denver Nuggets: 0.5 Percent

There remains some speculation as to who would be selected first. It appears that the Suns, should they be so fortunate, are intent on taking Luka Doncic. They recently hired Doncic’s FIBA coach, Igor Kokoskov, who coached Luka and Slovenia to the FIBA Europe championship last summer. Other teams may take DeAndre Ayton, the Freshman center from Arizona who has drawn comparisons to David Robinson and Patrick Ewing.

The lottery will begin tonight on ESPN at 7:30 EST, concluding at 8:00 EST with the start of game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Celtics. Both teams actually have stakes in the lottery, as the Cavs have the eighth best odds of landing the top pick, and the Celtics, thanks to some convoluted scenarios involving trades from the past, could end up in the top 5.

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