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The Ultimate Summer Playlist: Top 10 Best Songs 2018


Finals are wrapping up, the sun is coming out, students are graduating, and parents are saying goodbye to their peace and quiet in the house. Summer is right around the corner and everyone loves a good summer jam. Warm weather, ocean breezes, BBQ’s, the perfect summer needs the perfect music. Turn those speakers up and get ready to dance your way to summer. Here are our top picks for the perfect summer playlist.

“Finesse” (Remix) – Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B

Originally a song released on Bruno Mars’s 2016 album, “24K Malgic”, but a remix was released earlier this year. With Cardi B’s unique voice and Mars’s swagger puts this song at the top of our list. This song will take you back in time to the 90s feeling.

“Never Be the Same” – Camila Cabello

A sexy turn for the summer playlist. Camila Cabello’s song is the one that puts you in a mood of wanting to have an ultimate summer. It’s time to get over the high school and college fling and find our inner Cabello’s.


“Freaky Friday” – Lil Dicky feat. Chris Brown

It’s time for a freaky Friday beat. Turning to our fun and humors summer side. A song that stays in our head the first time we hear it and will never leave until it’s replayed over and over again. It’s a song we love and hate but deserves to be in the top summer playlist for 2018.

“Psycho” – Post Malone feat. Ty Dolla Sign

With Post Malone’s new album release it’s no wonder he has made it to the list. Although we would like to use his whole album as our playlist, “Psycho” gives a low key summer feeling. For those lazy day’s or simply sitting outside getting a nice tan, turn up your volume to this breakout star’s song.

“Friends” – Marshmello feat. Anne-Marie

The perfect upbeat friendzone anthem. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to get a love struck friend at an arms distance, it’s a song that anyone can dance to. For those who are in the friendzone, good luck.


“Call Out My Name” – The Weeknd

For those who are looking to find love you may want to turn away from this song. But, for the other who have lost a love and need a pick me up, this is the song to find your inner self and find good to make the summer end better than how it started. The Weeknd wrote this song inspired about his relationship with Selena Gomez, so even the biggest name’s in the music industry can have a broken heart.

“The Middle” – Zedd feat. Maren Morris

Now, for those who are in a relationship and you have just had a big fight, but you don’t want to say goodbye. Turn this song on and blast it through the house. Make the summer worth wild and meet in the middle. By the end you will forget about what you were fighting about.

“The Champion” – Carrie Underwood feat. Ludacris

It’s not normal for a country star to pair up with a top rapper, but these two have come out with a powerful song. A pump up song for the Super bowl and the 2018 Winter Olympics, this song deserves to be at the top. It isn’t just perfect for a summer playlist but a workout one too. For your summer run or outdoor workout, this energizing song will put you in that fighting mindset to be a champion.

“All the Stars” – Kendrick Lamar and SZA

Originally a song released in the Black Panther soundtrack, it has come to make an independent name for itself. A new side of Kendrick gives off a late night summer vibe. The song stepped out of the movie screen, let’s watch it step into your summer playlist.


“God’s Plan” by Drake

He does it again! Not only did he have the summer 2016 hit, “One Dance”, but he’s up to grab his summer throne for 2018. Back at it again with his, now, seven weeks in a row Billboard Hot 100 on every summer playlist. No playlist would be complete without a Drake song.

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