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A Complete List Of The MLB’s 3000 Hits Club


In the sport of baseball, there is one common theme, statistics rule. Absolutely everything you can measure about a player, baseball has a stat category. The term sabermetrics was coined by baseball author and researcher Bill James. Sabermetrics gained popularity in the 80’s and 90’s, and ever since the turn of the 21st century, it is used by nearly all-league front offices. Major League Baseball is by far the most analytics-driven league of all the major sports.

Since stats are used as a measuring stick for everything in baseball, from scouting to player development to a players place in history, certain individual milestones need to be reached to be considered one of the all-time greats.

One of these such milestones that are held in high regard is the 3,000 hits mark in a players career. The list of players to have accomplished such a feat is one of the most exclusive and famous of all the stat categories. Nearly every player on the list is either in the Hall of Fame or will be enshrined in the very near future.

The exclusive list consists of only 31 members and will soon be adding its 32nd as Albert Pujols is one hit shy of joining such distinguished company. In honor of Pujols being on the cusp of the milestone we have compiled the complete list of all the members of the 3,000 hits club, check it out below.

3,000 Hits Club

(Bold – active player, Italizice – Hall of Fame)

Pete Rose – 4,256 hits

Ty Cobb – 4,191 hits

Hank Aaron – 3,771 hits

Stan Musial – 3,630 hits

Tris Speaker – 3,514 hits

Derek Jeter – 3,465 hits

Honus Wagner – 3,430 hits

Carl Yastrzemski – 3,419 hits

Paul Molitor – 3,319 hits

Eddie Collins – 3,319 hits

Willie Mays – 3,283 hits

Eddie Murray – 3,255 hits

Nap Lajoie – 3,252 hits

Cal Ripken Jr. – 3,184 hits

George Brett – 3,154 hits

Paul Waner – 3,152 hits

Robin Yount – 3,142 hits

Tony Gwynn – 3,141 hits

Alex Rodriguez – 3,115 hits

Dave Winfield – 3,110 hits

Ichiro Suzuki – 3,089 hits

Adrien Beltre – 3,075 hits

Craig Biggio – 3,060 hits

Rickey Henderson – 3,055 hits

Rod Carew – 3,053 hits

Lou Brock – 3,023 hits

Rafael Palmeiro – 3,020 hits

Cap Anson – 3,011 hits

Wade Boggs – 3,010 hits

Al Kaline – 3,007 hits

Roberto Clemente – 3,000 hits

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