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QB Josh Allen: Old Racist Tweets Resurface


Twitter detectives can claim another victim, and this time it’s one of the top-ranked quarterbacks in the 2018 NFL Draft. Josh Allen had his past Twitter life combed through and out came vulgar, racist, and downright weird old tweets. This all has occurred on the eve of the biggest day in Allen’s life. He is a projected top-5 pick in the draft with some draft experts placing him as the no. 1 overall pick.

The news is eerily similar to the Laremy Tunsil draft day fiasco during the first round of the 2016 NFL draft. About 25 min before the draft began a video surfaced of Tunsil smoking weed out of a gas mask. His transgression was not on the same level as degrading a whole race, like Allen, but still caused him to slip out of the top-5 all the way to the 13th overall pick, losing millions of dollars in the process.

All the tweets in question were from when Allen was in high school.

The Josh Allen Tweets:

@cheriishhh: i dont think you niggas want a troubled son!”

— Josh Allen (@JoshAllenQB) June 14, 2012

“@Alpha_Patlan: “@J_Prodigy_5: @Alpha_Patlan (uhh) stay schemin…” Niggas Trying To Get At Me. ” doe

— Josh Allen (@JoshAllenQB) February 12, 2013

“@FelipeeeeMelo_: Bout to show up these Niggas at pong. Gonna do for @j_prodigy_5 @AFlyer5 and @J_Sal_Forever_5.”:)

— Josh Allen (@JoshAllenQB) February 26, 2012

What the hell man?!? Some of those are just plain f*cking weird. Allen has since deleted all the offensive tweets as he begins his media tour of downplaying the events. He told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith he was “young and dumb”. Umm, yea dude, you certainly were dumb.

It is unclear how much this will affect the highly ranked QB on NFL team’s draft boards but definitely not a good look. If smoking some weed out of a gas mask bong puts your draft stock in free fall, how does this not cause Allen to slip?

Also if Cleveland was looking to select him first overall, he has burned that bridge.

Someone had to have been holding on to this info for a while, it’s too much of a coincidence for it to come out right around draft day. Possibly the Mayfield, Rosen, or Darnold camps????? If it was, I say, well played boys, well played.

All of this could be a blessing in disguise for teams that were going to select Allen. The kid looks like a bust to me.

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