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University of Delaware Fraternity Being Investigated For Allegedly Breaking Gay Student’s Leg

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A fraternity the University of Delaware is being investigated after student Rancel Valdez accused the fraternity of calling him a homophobic slur, attacking him and breaking his leg at an off-campus party.

According to Valdez, he was assaulted while attending a party hosted by a fraternity (NewNowNext reports the fraternity is Phi Gamma Delta, although that report is unconfirmed) on Friday, April 20. Valdez told reporters that he was waiting for a friend to come out of the bathroom when he was approached by fraternity brothers asking him to leave. After telling the unidentified fraternity brother that he was waiting for a friend, Valdez says he was called him a homophobic slur and pushed him from behind.

After being shoved in the back by one fraternity member, Valdez alleges that more members of the fraternity began to attack him and ultimately broke his leg.

via Delaware Online:

Videos taken at the scene show Valdez being pushed to the ground repeatedly and punched over and over again. Though most videos were taken after the fight began, Valdez said the interaction escalated when the men called him names.

The name-calling prompted Valdez to give them the middle finger in return, which is when Valdez said he was shoved to the ground. When he tried to defend himself, multiple people joined in on the assault, according to Newark police.

Valdez’s injuries include the broken leg, bruises on his body and a swollen face. Newark police said the investigation could lead to hate crime charges, if it turns out his sexual orientation had anything to do with why he was beaten. Witnesses told police that derogatory statements were made during the assault, said Sgt. Gerald Bryda, a spokesman with Newark Police Department.

Newark Police and the University of Delaware Police are currently investigating the incident. The President of the University of Delaware

“This kind of reprehensible behavior is not tolerated at the University of Delaware,” University of Delaware President Dennis Assanis said in a statement. “We will take all appropriate measures in the student conduct process to ensure any offenders are held accountable for their actions.”

While police are not investigating the incident as a hate crime at this time, they are asking anyone with information on the incident to call Newark Police at 302-366-7111.

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