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Avicii Net Worth 2018: How Much Was Tim Bergling Worth?


Tim Bergling, the Swedish DJ and record producer better known as Avicii, has died at age 28. Known for popularizing the style of electronic dance music known as “deep house” with tracks such as “Levels” and “Wake Me Up,” Bergling was one of the most recognizable names in house music and DJing worldwide. So how much was the Grammy nominee worth?

Avicii Net Worth 2018: $85 Million

Bergling’s success at a relatively young age left him with quite a bit of money in the bank. As one of the most popular DJ’s in the world, Bergling was a common fixture on Forbe’s list of highest paid musicians, ranking as the 10th-highest paid DJ in the world when he was just 22.

Early Life: 1989 – 2009

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Born on September 8, 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden, Tim Bergling grew up playing music and began remixing songs and producing his own original pieces when he was 18. Initially intending to upload his music to websites like Myspace, Bergling found that his actual name was already in use, leading him to choose the name Avicii — the lowest level of Buddhist ‘hell.’

Career Beginnings and Breakthrough Success: 2010 – 2013

Bergling quickly asserted himself as a prolific online producer and remixer, scoring global success with tracks such as “Seek Bromance,” a top 20 hit in multiple countries. By 2010, at age 21, Bergling had signed with the European A&R branch of EMI Music Publishing. The next year he would release perhaps the biggest track of his career, “Levels.”

In 2012, Bergling’s track “Sunshine” with David Guetta was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. That same year, he would enter a brief legal dispute with Leona Lewis concerning her uncredited sample of his song “Fade Into Darkness.” Bergling briefly attempted to halt the release of her single “Collide,” before the two settled things civilly outside of court.

Album Releases and Global Success: 2013 – 2018

In 2013, Bergling released his first full-length studio album, titled True, through Island Records. The record was an experimental turn for Bergling, who had begun incorporating various genres and sounds into his work in house music, including the sounds and themes of country music, as can be heard in the album’s lead single, “Wake Me Up.”

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