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MLB Power Rankings Updated: Who Is Rising? Who Is Falling?


Since last weeks first power rankings of the season, we have seen some reshuffling in the top ten. The number one spot continues to stay the same with the sizzling hot Red Sox off to the best start in baseball. Even with Boston losing shortstop Xander Bogaerts to injury (ankle) they have not slowed down. This Red Sox team looks scary good and manager Alex Cora in his first year as a manager seems like a seasoned vet. Cora’s former organization, the Houston Astros, have slipped behind the surging L.A. Angels. The combination of Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani looks deadly. Trout has rebounded from a somewhat slow start to the season, now with six home runs and 13 RBI.

The top two teams are on a collision course starting Tuesday with Boston leaving the cold rainy northeast and heading cross country for a three-game series in L.A. The winner of that could very well be sitting atop the rankings next week.

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I will remind you how the rankings are decided. For these power rankings, I will mostly rely on the actual results of what has occurred. Also, team expectations and long-term sustainability will play a slight factor as well. So, let’s see how things have changed.

Power Rankings:

  1. Boston Red Sox (13-2)
  2. Los Angeles Angels (13-3)
  3. Houston Astros (10-6)
  4. New York Mets (12-2)
  5. Arizona Diamondbacks (11-4)
  6. Pittsburgh Pirates (11-4)
  7. Cleveland Indians (8-6)
  8. St. Louis Cardinals (9-7)
  9. Toronto Blue Jays (9-5)
  10. Minnesota Twins (7-4)
  11. Colorado Rockies (9-8)
  12. Chicago Cubs (7-7)
  13. Seattle Mariners (8-5)
  14. Washington Nationals (7-9)
  15. Philadelphia Phillies (9-5)
  16. New York Yankees (7-7)
  17. Los Angeles Dodgers (5-9)
  18. Milwaukee Brewers (8-8)
  19. Atlanta Braves (8-6)
  20. San Diego Padres (7-10)
  21. Oakland Athletics (6-10)
  22. San Fransisco Giants (6-9)
  23. Texas Rangers (6-11)
  24. Baltimore Orioles (5-11)
  25. Chicago White Sox (4-8)
  26. Detroit Tigers (4-9)
  27. Kansas City Royals (3-10)
  28. Tampa Bay Rays (3-12)
  29. Cincinnati Reds (2-13)
  30. Miami Marlins (4-11)

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