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Austin Wyatt Rollins Photos: Full Story Of Great Mills High School Shooter


Early Tuesday morning saw Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, be placed on lockdown due to reports of shooting at the school. The suspect was later identified as Austin Wyatt Rollins, who is believed to be a current, 17-year-old student. With the FBI’s Baltimore field office arriving on the scene, police were able to contain the situation. During early reports, police were unable to confirm just how many people had been killed or injured during the incident, although some reports claimed at least two or three victims had been taken to a local hospital.

What happened?

St. Mary’s Sheriff issued the following statement on Twitter:

“There has been an incident at Great Mills High School. Parents please DO NOT respond to the school. Report to Leonardtown High School”

Eric Flack, an investigative reporter for WUSA 9, a CBS affiliate, issued the following statement on Twitter, confirming that victims had been taken to a local hospital:

“BREAKING: Victims from shooting at Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County taken to MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital 15 minutes from school. Multiple injuries reported. ATF on the scene for analysis of weapon used. Sheriffs Department currently lead investigating agency.”

Brad Bell, a reporter for ABC 7, confirmed that there had been three victims, later confirming that one of them was the shooter himself, on Twitter:

“I’m being told by sources that 3 people have been shot at #greatmillsshooting. No longer active shooter.”

“#BREAKING confirmed with sources at #greatmillsshooting : 3 students injured. 1 is the shooter. A school resource officer was on duty and took action to end threat. No final word on conditions.”

First-hand accounts of the shooting

According to NBC News, Terrence Rhames, a senior at the school, gave an eye-witness account of the situation:

“I heard one shot and when we ran, we saw a teacher and he was looking at us with a confused look.”

“We were trying to figure out if this is real.”

“It was just shocking. You hear about shootings you never think would happen to you.”

Who is Austin Wyatt Rollins?

Austin Wyatt Rollins was believed to be 17 years old at the time of the incident and is believed to be a student of the school the incident took place. The Maryland Enterprise confirmed that he was an honor student.

According to Newsweek, he allegedly shot a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy with a handgun in the school hallway early in the morning.

As mentioned above, Rollins eventually lost his life in a shoot-off between himself and an armed officer, who himself was later found unhurt. The two classmates were later taken to a local hospital.

While Rollins’ motive is currently under investigation, Sheriff Tim Cameron told reporters that it is believed he and the female victim had a previous relationship; any relationship between Rollins and the male victim is unknown at this time.

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