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Susan Sarandon Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Susan Worth Now?


Susan Sarandon is a highly-decorated Hollywood actress, who has won numerous awards, including six Emmys, an Academy Award, and a BAFTA Award, among others. She’s been in the limelight for almost 50 years, first starring in the 1970 drama film Joe. Susan is set to appear in three upcoming feature films in 2018: Going Places, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, and Vulture Club.

Sarandon has appeared in at least 83 films throughout her career, including the 1975 cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. She has continued to receive roles on a steady basis since her career began. There has scarcely been a year where she has starred in film, if not several. She has also appeared in numerous television shows, which earned this actress six Emmy nominations altogether.

After almost 50 years under the Hollywood spotlight, how much money has Ms. Sarandon made for herself?

Susan Sarandon Net Worth as of 2018: $50 Million

Susan Sarandon’s net worth rolls in at an impressive $50 million. There’s no disputing that Sarandon has a huge chunk of change in the bank. Throughout her long and illustrious career, Sarandon has received many high-profile roles. She’s also received numerous awards and nominations, including one Oscar win for Best Actress and four nominations. She’s also a five-time Critics award Winner, winning twice for the film Thelma & Louise (Actress of the Year, and Best Actress).

Let’s take a look at Susan Sarandon’s road to fame and fortune…

1970s – 1980s

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Sarandon’s film career began in 1970, co-starring in the motion picture film Joe. From 1970 to 1972, she appeared in televised soap operas, such as A World Apart and Search for Tomorrow. In 1975, Sarandon co-starred in the cult classic musical film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That year, she also received a prominent role in the film The Great Waldo Pepper.

She made her Broadway debut in 1972 for the play An Evening With Richard Nixon. She also appeared in Off-Broadway plays, such as A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking (1979) and Extremities (1982). Both plays earned Sarandon Drama Desk Award nominations.

In 1983, Sarandon appeared in the erotic-horror film The Hunger. This role may be her most controversial of all time, as she played a modern vampire and took part in a lesbian sex scene.

The rising star graduated to A-list status when she starred in the 1988 film Bull Durham, alongside Kevin Costner.

1990s – Present

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During the 1990s, Sarandon was nominated for an Academy Award on four occasions for Best Actress. In 1995, she won her first and only Academy Award for the film Dead Man Walking (Best Actress). In 1994, she won a BAFTA Award for Best Actress for the film The Client.

Sarandon reportedly received part of Paul Newman’s salary for the 1998 film Twilight. Newman voluntarily gave Sarandon part of his salary to ensure that she received equal pay.

This legendary actress has also appeared in numerous TV shows and lent her voice as the narrator for many documentaries. She has made guest appearances on TV shows such as Friends, Malcolm In The Middle, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, and more.

At 71-years-old, Susan Sarandon still looks unbelievably beautiful. This is why the legendary actress has received a contract with L’Oréal Paris.

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