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East River Helicopter Crash Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

East River Helicopter Crash


A helicopter reportedly carrying several people crashed in New York City’s East River, while rescue officials are arriving at the site. With the crash happening near Roosevelt Island around 7 P.M.; it is also believed that the chopper is upside down in the water. At this time, the fate of the people onboard the helicopter is currently unknown.

What happened?

According to The New York Post, various witnesses have given the following accounts of the crash:

“It looked like it was completely submerged,” he said. “It couldn’t have been any longer than 5 minutes.”

“We heard it hit the water, and then automatically, it drowned.”

“It landed to the side, and then it flipped over, and then for about a minute and a half, no one came out of the water, so all of us immediately called 911. And then we saw one guy climb onto the raft.”

On Twitter, New York City press secretary Eric Phillips said that Mayor Bill de Blasio had been briefed on the incident:

“Mayor just got a briefing. NYPD and FDNY divers already on the scene and in the water.”

The pilot managed to escape from the helicopter and climb aboard a raft but the five other people were still trapped inside, upside-down.

Police have already deployed two divers to fetch those who were onboard; it is believed that at least one person was taken to Bellevue Hospital. The FAA has said that it is currently investigating the crash.

UPDATE: There are at least two confirmed deaths related to the crash; this was confirmed by Phillips on Twitter:

“The Mayor was just briefed by the police and fire commissioners. At least one survivor, at least two fatalities. Divers are still in the water.”

As this story is developing, more information will be updated as made available.

New York City East River Helicopter Crash Updates

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