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NCAA Tournament Bracketology 2018: The 3rd Seeds

March Madness Basketball


Even if your favorite team is unable to obtain a highly coveted one seed, there is no shame in being the third seed as this is a numerical display that any program should be proud to show off. However, like with all of the various seeds in the March Madness Tournament, there some three seeds that have fared better recently than their similarly ranked opponents. Although both Michigan and Michigan State will likely be third seeds come Selection Sunday, the difference in competitiveness between these two programs as of now is vastly different. At this point, subjectivity comes into play as fans must decide what matters the most: overall strength of schedule or what each team as done recently to gain or lose momentum heading into the tournament. Also, you may notice some programs that were projected as fourth seeds recently are now considered a notch above those initial projections. As conference tournaments continue to play out, various programs have been able to strengthen or weaken their competitive cache based on those results.

South Region:
1. Tennessee Volunteers

For the Volunteers to be supremely successful come to the NCAA Tournament, they will need the rebounding and shooting prowess of Grant Williams (15.6 PPG, 5.8 RPG) and Admiral Schofield (13.5 PPG, 6.1 RPG) to consistently be on display in the grueling postseason event. Combine that with the Volunteers adeptness at shooting free throw shots (75.8 FT%) and this is a team that has the resilient and clutch athletes to make a serious run in the tournament.

West Region:
1. Auburn Tigers

What you have to love about the Tigers is how well their starting players have complimented each other on the court with their impressive versatility. From the do it all abilities of Mustapha Heron (16.6 PPG, 5.5 RPG, 1.2 SPG) to the impressive ball facilitating capabilities of Jared Harper (5.7 APG), the Tigers have all the ideal pieces to make their elite offense tick consistently. While their defense is severely lacking, the Tigers have rarely been done in by this weakness.

East Region:
1. Michigan Wolverines

Although the Wolverines will rarely hit the 80-point mark when it comes to scoring, they do enough offensively to allow their relentless defense to wear down and demoralize their opponents (63.5 PAPG). The unshakeable determination of athletes such as Moritz Wagner (14.5 PPG, 7.1 RPG) and Muhammed-Ali Abdur-Rahkman (44.1 FG%, 40 3P&) combined with the Wolverines notable depth, this is a program that has what it takes especially from an intangible perspective to be a sleeper National Title winner.

Midwest Region:
1. Michigan State Spartans

Without a doubt, Michigan State has the elite talent to win a National Title. The problem is establishing a competitive flow with these consummate athletes that, as of recently, have struggled mightily. Scoring less than 70 points in four of their last five games, the Spartans offense needs to be much more prolific as their great but not exceptional defense is not enough to carry this team when they go cold shooting from the field.

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