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NCAA Tournament Bracketology 2018: The 6th Seeds

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Aside from a fifth seed being upset by a 12th seed, the six seed is usually the next in line in terms of being selected as upset-prone. However, if the way this season has transpired is any indication, the disparity in talent between most of the programs in the tournament is fairly minuscule. What this means is that the seeding system, especially for this year, is fairly arbitrary in that it does not accurately project how most of these teams will perform come March Madness. Nevertheless, every team that makes the tournament has to be placed somewhere and all of the following projected sixth seeds have high enough ceilings from a competitive standpoint to be considered great, but ultimately lacks the marquee wins needed to be considered elite. Still, it would be unwise to assume that any of the sixth seeds are overrated as every one of them has been especially deadly on either offense or defense at some point during the season.

South Region:
1. TCU Horned Frogs

If their defense was not so terrible (76.3 PAPG), the Horned Frogs could very well be near or at the top of the NCAA Tournament seeding. Scoring 83.6 points per game, the Horned Frogs have the exceptional shooters and the cerebral ball facilitators (18.9 APG) to make a serious run in the tournament. However, they will have to cut back on the costly turnovers (13 TPG) if they hope to make the most of what is an incredibly gifted offensive unit.

West Region:
1. Kentucky Wildcats

There was a time not so long ago when the Wildcats were in a similar situation as being underrated due to their inconsistent play during the regular season. Ultimately, that team made it to the National Title game as an eighth seed, a feat that is rarely accomplished in such a high-pressure postseason affair. If the Wildcats hope to defy expectations again, they will need to improve their perimeter shooting accuracy (34.8 3P%) and turnover rate (13 TPG).

East Region:
1. Florida Gators

While the Gators are certainly not the elite shooting team they were at the start of the regular season, they have been far more efficient in their last three wins, with two of those victories coming over ranked SEC opponents. In order for the Gators to maintain their now budding offense, they will need to be better at moving the ball around to their open shooters lest they succumb to being one-dimensional yet again.

Midwest Region:
1. West Virginia Mountaineers

Offensively, the Mountaineers are a potent scoring force that can get to the basket with relative ease while using their physical strength to garner extra opportunities off of the glass. However, the Mountaineers full court press defense needs to improve mightily if they hope to stand a chance against reputable competition as the tournament progresses into the later rounds.

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