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Ranking Lil Dicky’s Hilarious Nicknames


Three years after the release of his debut album Professional Rapper, Lil Dicky, AKA The Original Pancake, is teasing the release of the first single from his highly-anticipated second album.

While Lil Dicky has been plenty busy over the last couple years — touring and releasing an EP, I’m Brain — the March 8th release of his new single will be the first new music from Dicky himself since 2015, as the I’m Brain EP technically isn’t “his”.

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Since bursting onto the scene a couple of years ago, Dicky and his music have proved to everyone willing to listen that he’s a rapper first and a comedian second. That said, the comedy aspect of his brand remains largely influential and appealing, especially when you consider he starts off most of his songs with a joke: his “AKA’s”.

As fans of LD will know, at the beginning of most tracks, Dicky will throw out a preposterous AKA before launching into the song. You know like, Lil Wayne AKA Weezy, Drake AKA Drizzy, Eminem AKA Slim Shady –only far more comedic.

From the simple Young Man to the spit-out-your-drink funny Slim Boner, we decided to rank Lil Dicky’s top 12 nicknames. Hopefully, after the release of his new single, we’ll be adding another hilarious AKA to this list.

12. Young Man

12. The Urologist

11. Chipotle Aïoli

10. The Long-Winded Answer

9. The Human Bitcoin

8. Sunscreen

7. Stem Cells

6. Homicide

5. The Time Traveler’s Wife

4. The Original Pancake

3. Slim Boner

2. Firm Handshake

1. Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis


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