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Winter Olympics Medal Count: Full List Of PyeongChang Winners



The Winter Olympics are officially underway and countries from around the world are going head to head in the name of sportsmanship!

Between the skiing, snowboarding and, because it’s just so fun to say, luge, it is never been more fun to be cold! With all the events, it can be hard to keep track of which countries are getting medals, so we got you covered! We have a list of each event by day, complete with the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners and their country of origin.

Take a look for yourself!

Full List Of PyeongChang Olympic Winners

Day 1 & 2

The first two days of the PyeongChang Olympics, February 8 & 9, were comprised mostly of qualification events.

Day 3

Biathlon (women’s 7.5km Sprint)

  • Gold: Laura Dahlmeier, Germany
  • Silver: Marte Olsbu, Norway
  • Bronze: Veronika Vitkova, Czech Republic

Cross-Country Skiing (Women’s 7.5km Skiathlon)

  • Gold: Charlotte Kalla, Sweden
  • Silver: Marit Bjørgen, Norway
  • Bronze: Krista Pärmäkoski, Finland

Short-Track (Men’s 1,500m)

  • Gold: Lim Hyojun, Republic of Korea
  • Silver: Sjinkie Knegt, Netherlands
  • Bronze: Semen Elistratov, OAR

Ski Jumping (Men’s Normal Hill)

  • Gold: Andreas Wellinger, Germany
  • Silver: Johann André Forfang, Norway
  • Bronze: Robert Johansson, Norway

Speedskating, women’s 3,000m

  • Gold: Carlijn Achtereekte, Netherlands
  • Silver: Ireen Wüst, Netherlands
  • Bronze: Antoinette de Jong, Netherlands

Day 4

Biathlon (Men’s 10km Sprint)

  • Gold: Arnd Peiffer, Germany
  • Silver: Michal Krcmar, Czech Republic
  • Bronze: Dominik Windisch, Italy

Cross-Country Skiing (Men’s 15km Skiathlon)

  • Gold: Simen Hegstad Krueger, Norway
  • Silver: Martin Johnsrud Sundby, Norway
  • Bronze: Hans Christer Holund, Norway

Freestyle Skiing (Women’s Mogul)

  • Gold: Perrine Laffont, France
  • Silver: Justine Dufour-Lapointe, Canada
  • Bronze: Yulia Galysheva, Kazakhstan

Luge (Men’s Singles)

  • Gold: David Gleierscher, Austria
  • Silver: Chris Mazdzer, US
  • Bronze: Johannes Ludwig, Germany

Snowboarding (Men’s Slopestyle)

  • Gold: Red Gerard, US
  • Silver: Max Parrot, Canada
  • Bronze: Mark McMorris

Speedskating (Men’s 5,000m)

  • Gold: Sven Kramer, Netherlands
  • Silver: Ted-Jan Bloemen, Canada
  • Bronze: Sverre Lunde Pedersen, Norway

Day 5

Biathlon (Women’s 10km Pursuit)

  • Gold: Laura Dahlmeier, Germany
  • Silver: Anastasiya Kuzmina, Slovania
  • Bronze: Anais Bescond, France

Biathlon (Men’s 12.5km Pursuit)

  • Gold: Martin Fourcade, France
  • Silver: Sebastian Samuelsson, Sweden
  • Bronze: Benedikt Doll, Germany

Figure Skating (Team)

  • Gold: Canada
  • Silver: OAR
  • Bronze: US

Freestyle Skiing (Men’s Mogul)

  • Gold: Mikaël Kingsbury, Canada
  • Silver: Matt Graham, Australia
  • Bronze: Daichi Hara, Japan

Ski Jumping (Women’s Normal Hill)

  • Gold: Maren Lundby, Norway
  • Silver: Katharina Althaus, Germany
  • Bronze: Sara Takanashi, Japan

Snowboarding (Women’s Slopestyle)

  • Gold: Jamie Anderson, US
  • Silver: Laurie Blouin, Canada
  • Bronze: Enni Rukajarvi, Finland

Speedskating (Women’s 1,500m)

  • Gold: Ireen Wüst, Netherlands
  • Silver: Miho Takagi, Japan
  • Bronze: Marrit Leenstra, Netherlands

Day 6

Alpine Skiing (Men’s Combined)

  • Gold: Marcel Hirscher, Austria
  • Silver: Alexis Pinturault, France
  • Bronze: Victor Muffat-Jeandet, France

Cross-Country Skiing (Women’s Sprint)

  • Gold: Stina Nilsson, Sweden
  • Silver: Maiken Caspersen Falla, Norway
  • Bronze: Yulia Sergeyevna Belorukova, Russia

Cross-Country Skiing (Men’s Sprint)

  • Gold: Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo, Norway
  • Silver: Federico Pellegrino, Italy
  • Bronze: Alexander Bolshunov, OAR

Curling (Mixed Doubles)

  • Gold: Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris, Canada
  • Silver: Jenny Perret and Martin Rios, Switzerland
  • Bronze: Anastasia Bryzgalova and Aleksandr Krushelnitckii, OAR

Luge (Women’s Singles)

  • Gold: Natalie Geisenberger, Germany
  • Silver: Dajana Eitberger, Germany
  • Bronze: Alex Gough, Canada

Short-Track (Women’s 500m)

  • Gold: Arianna Fontana, Italy
  • Silver: Yara van Kerkhof, Netherlands
  • Bronze: Kim Boutin, Canada

Snowboarding (Women’s Halfpipe)

  • Gold: Chloe Kim, US
  • Silver: Liu Jiayu, China
  • Bronze: Arielle Gold, US

Speed Skating (Men’s 1,500m)

  • Gold: Kjeld Nuis, Netherlands
  • Silver: Patrick Roest, Netherlands
  • Bronze: Min Kim Seok, Republic of Korea

Day 7

Luge (Doubles)

  • Gold: Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt, Germany
  • Silver: Pegter Penz and Georg Fischler, Austria
  • Bronze: Toni Eggert and Sascha Benecken, Germany

Nordic Combined (Men’s)

  • Gold: Eric Frenzel, Germany
  • Silver: Akito Watabe, Japan
  • Bronze: Lukas Klapfer, Austria

Snowboarding (Men’s Halfpipe)

  • Gold: Shaun White, US
  • Silver: Ayumu Hirano, Japan
  • Bronze: Scotty James, Australia

Speed Skating (Women’s 1,000m)

  • Gold: Jorien ter Mors, Netherlands
  • Silver: Nao Kodaira, Japan
  • Bronze: Miho Takagi, Japan

Day 8

Alpine Skiing (Men’s Downhill)

  • Gold: Aksel Lund Svindal, Norway
  • Silver: Kjetil Jansrud, Norway
  • Bronze: Beat Feuz, Switzerland

Alpine Skiing (Women’s Giant Slalom)

  • Gold: Mikaela Shiffrin, US
  • Silver: Ragnhild Mowinckel, Norway
  • Bronze: Federica Brignone, Italy

Biathlon (Women’s 15km)

  • Gold: Hanna Oeberg, Sweden
  • Silver: Anastasiya Vladimirovna Kuzmina, Slovakia
  • Bronze: Laura Dahlmeier, Germany

Biathlon (Men’s 20km)

  • Gold: Johannes Thingnes Bø, Norway
  • Silver: Jakov Fak, Croatia-Slovania
  • Bronze: Dominik Landertinger, Austria

Cross-Country Skiing (Women’s 10km)

  • Gold: Ragnhild Haga, Norway
  • Silver: Charlotte Kalla, Sweeden
  • Bronze: Krista Parmakoski, Finland; Marit Bjørgen, Norway

Figure Skating (Pairs Free Skate)

  • Gold: Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot, Germany
  • Silver: Wenjing Sui and Cong Han, China
  • Bronze: Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford, Canada

Luge (Mixed Team Relay)

  • Gold: Germany
  • Silver: Canada
  • Bronze: Austria

Snowboard (Men’s Cross Race)

  • Gold: Pierre Vaultier, France
  • Silver: Jarryd Hughes, Australia
  • Bronze: Regino Hernandez, Spain

Speed-Skating (Men’s 10,000m)

  • Gold: Ted-Jan Bloemen, Canada
  • Silver: Jorrit Bergsma, Netherlands
  • Bronze: Nicola Tumolero, Italy

Day 9

Alpine Skiing (Men’s Super Giant Slalom)

  • Gold: Matthias Mayer, Austria
  • Silver: Beat Feuz, Switzerland
  • Bronze: Kjetil Jansrud, Norway

Alpine Skiing (Women’s Slalom)

  • Gold: Frida Marie Hansdotter, Sweden
  • Silver: Wendy Holdener, Switzerland
  • Bronze: Katharina Gallhuber, Austria

Cross-Country Skiing (Men’s 15km)

  • Gold: Dario Cologna, Switzerland
  • Silver: Simen Hegstad Krüger, Norway
  • Bronze: Denis Spitsov, OAR

Freestyle Skiing (Women’s Ariels)

  • Gold: Hanna Huskova, Belarus
  • Silver: Zhang Xin, China
  • Bronze: Kong Fanyu, China

Skeleton (Men’s)

  • Gold: Yun Sungbin, Republic of Korea
  • Silver: Nikita Tregubov, OAR
  • Bronze: Dom Parsons, Great Britain

Snowboard (Women’s Cross Race)

  • Gold: Michela Moioli, Italy
  • Silver: Julia Pereira de Sousa Mabileau, France
  • Bronze: Eva Samkova, Czech Republic

Speed-Skating (Women’s 5,000m)

  • Gold: Esmee Visser, Netherlands
  • Silver: Martina Sáblíková, Czech Republic
  • Bronze: Natalya Voronina, OAR

Day 10

Alpine Skiing (Women’s Super Giant Slalom)

  • Gold: Ester Ledecká, Czech Republic
  • Silver: Anna Veith, Austria
  • Bronze: Tina Weirather, Liechtenstein

Biathlon (Women’s 12.5km)

  • Gold: Anastasiya Kuzmina, Slovakia
  • Silver: Dárya Dómracheva, Belarus
  • Bronze: Tiril Eckhoff, Norway

Cross-Country Skiing (Women’s 4x5km Relay)

  • Gold: Norway
  • Silver: Sweden
  • Bronze: OAR

Figure Skating (Men’s Singly Skate)

  • Gold: Yuzuru Hanyu, Japan
  • Silver: Shoma Uno, Japan
  • Bronze: Javier Fernandez, Spain

Freestyle Skiing (Women’s Slopestyle)

  • Gold: Sarah Höfflin, Switzerland
  • Silver: Mathilde Gremaud, Switzerland
  • Bronze: Isabel Atkin, Great Britain

Short Track Speed-Skating (Women’s 1,500m)

  • Gold: Choi Minjeong, Republic of Korea
  • Silver: Li Jinyu, Japan
  • Bronze: Kim Boutin, Canada

Short Track Speed-Skating (Men’s 1,000m)

  • Gold: Samuel Girard, Canada
  • Silver: John-Henry Krueger, US
  • Bronze: Seo Yira, Republic of Korea

Skeleton (Women’s)

  • Gold: Lizzy Yarnold, Great Britain
  • Silver: Elisabeth Vathje, Canada
  • Bronze: Jacqueline Loelling, Germany

Ski Jumping (Men’s Large Hill)

  • Gold: Kamil Stoch, Poland
  • Silver: Andreas Wellinger, Germany
  • Bronze: Robert Johansson, Norway

Day 11

Alpine Skiing (Men’s Giant Slalom)

  • Gold: Marcel Hirscher, Austria
  • Silver: Henrik Kristoffersen, Norway
  • Bronze: Alexis Pinturault, France

Biathlon (Men’s 15km)

  • Gold: Martin Fourcade, France
  • Silver: Simon Schempp, Germany
  • Bronze: Emil Hegle Svendsen, Norway

Cross-Country Skiing (Men’s 4x10km Relay)

  • Gold: Norway
  • Silver: OAR
  • Bronze: France

Freestyle Skiing (Men’s Slopestyle)

  • Gold: Øystein Bråten, Norway
  • Silver: Nick Goepper, US
  • Bronze: Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Canada

Freestyle Skiing (Men’s Aerials)

  • Gold: Oleksandr Abramenko, Ukraine
  • Silver: Jia Zongyang, China
  • Bronze: Ilya Burov, OAR

Speed-Skating (Women’s 500m)

  • Gold: Nao Kodaira, Japan
  • Silver: Lee Sang-hwa, Republic of Korea
  • Bronze: Karolína Erbanová, Czech Republic

Day 12

Bobsleigh (2-Man)

  • Gold: Canada
  • Silver: Germany
  • Bronze: Latvia

Ski Jumping (Men’s Team)

  • Gold: Norway
  • Silver: Germany
  • Bronze: Poland

Speed-skating, men’s 500m

  • Gold: Håvard Lorentzen, Norway
  • Silver: Cha Min Kyu, Republic of Korea
  • Bronze: Gao Tingyu, China

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