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Man Thinks He’s 78, Finds Out He’s Actually 98, Reacts Adorably



What a blast life must be when you become elderly. This man is so responsibility free he literally has no idea how old he is. 78, 88, 98 — doesn’t matter in the slightest to him.

This guy was born in 1919. Think about that for a second. He’s lived through:

-World War II

-The nuclear bomb

-The moon landing

-The cold war

-The first black President

-The first orange President

-The invention of the internet & smartphones

-The birth of the NFL

-And countless other generation-defining moments.

Yet despite all that, at the end of the day, he’s just a guy sitting in his kitchen with his (presumably) grandson, picking his teeth, wondering how the hell old he is and how the hell he got so old so fast. And he still drops a mean F-bomb.

Honestly, the more and more I sit here typing, the more this dude becomes my hero.

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