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Likely Smelling Uber’s Blood In The Water, Lyft Launches Its Own Craft Beer



With Uber having year after year of bad PR, Lyft has gained some serious ground on the ride-sharing giant over the last couple of years, with that trend expected to continue in 2018.

As recently as 2014, Uber, the first-to-market ride-sharing app we all know and (sometimes) love, owned 91% percent of the ride-sharing market. However, after a handful of years of aforementioned poor public relations, Uber’s control of the market widdled down to 74.3% in August of 2017, with Lyft being the main benefactor of their decline.

So how does Lyft plan on continuing this quest of becoming a legit equal to Uber? By making its own beer, that’s how!


According to AdWeek,  Lyft will partner with Baderbräu Brewing in Chicago to create a their own craft beer called Five Star Lager, which is being described as a, “Munich Helles-style lager with a medium body and refreshing finish.”

via AdWeek:

You’ll find Five Star Lager for sale in bars but not in stores. And those who order the beer will be given up to 60 percent off their next Lyft ride. The brand said the partnership is aimed at ensuring all Lyft customers have a safe and secure way to get home after a night out.

“We decided to partner with Baderbräu for the Five Star Lager launch to encourage more Chicagoans to travel responsibly when they’re out on the town,” David Katcher, midwest general manager for Lyft, said in a statement. “It was important to us to work with a local brewery that cares as much about Chicago as we do, and we found an excellent partner in Baderbräu.”

Last October, Lyft created a Stranger Things-inspired “Strange Mode” for riders in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. The company also recently partnered with Budwesier, releasing a slew of vintage cars with Budweiser logos for the launch of the limited-edition 1933 Repeal Reserve amber lager.

This is the latest alcohol-related marketing move by lift, as they teamed with Budweiser last year at Ohio State to give free rides to students.

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