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NBA All-Star Game 2018: Mock Draft & Official Roster


On Tuesday the NBA announced the reserves for the All-Star game. As with every All-Star game, Twitter and the rest of social media were full of talk about who got snubbed. But with the new format for the game, social media was also full of discussion about who captains LeBron James, and Stephen Curry should draft first.

The new format of the draft will allow teams to be comprised of players from any conference meaning teammates like Kevin Durant and Curry playing against each other. Because James got the most votes out of all the starters, he will get the first pick, followed by Curry. When it is time to pick the reserves, Curry will go first followed by James.

Unfortunately for the entire NBA community, the All-Star draft will not be televised because according to commissioner Adam Silver it will put players in a bad position. So we will come up with our own mock draft on who we think should get picked first, we will take in to account team allegiances and petty battles going on with players. We will update the rosters once the actual rosters are announced tonight on TNT at 6:00 p.m.

Starters & Reserves

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First, here is a list of the players the two captains will pick from:

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Kyrie Irving
Kevin Durant
Anthony Davis
DeMar DeRozan
Joel Embiid
DeMarcus Cousins
James Harden

LaMarcus Aldridge
Bradley Beal
Jimmy Butler
Draymond Green
Klay Thompson
Damian Lillard
Kevin Love
Al Horford
Kristaps Porzinigs
Victor Oladipo
Karl-Anthony Towns
John Wall
Russell Westbrook
Kyle Lowry

NBA All-Star Mock Draft: Starters

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1st Pick- Kevin Durant (Team LeBron)
2nd Pick-Anthony Davis (Team Curry)
3rd Pick- Giannis Antetkounmpo (Team LeBron)
4th Pick- James Harden (Team Curry)
5th Pick- DeMarcus Cousins (Team LeBron)
6th Pick- Kyrie Irving (Team Curry)
7th Pick- DeMar DeRozan (Team LeBron)
8th Pick- Joel Embiid (Team Curry)

NBA All-Star Mock Draft: Reserves

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1st Pick- Russell Westbrook (Team Curry)
2nd Pick- John Wall (Team LeBron)
3rd Pick- Draymond Green  (Team Curry)
4th Pick- Klay Thompson (Team LeBron)
5th Pick- Jimmy Butler (Team Curry)
6th Pick- Al Horford (Team LeBron)
7th Pick- Karl-Anthony Towns (Team Curry)
8th Pick- Damian Lillard (Team LeBron)
9th Pick- Victor Oladipo (Team Curry)
10th Pick- Kristaps Porzingis (Team LeBron)
11th Pick- LaMarcus Aldridge (Team Curry)
12th Pick- Kevin Love (Team LeBron)
13th Pick- Bradley Beal (Team Curry)
14th Pick- Kyle Lowry (Team LeBron)

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