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Who Is Harley Barber? University Of Alabama Sorority Sister Info


Harley Barber is a University of Alabama student and Alpha Phi sorority sister who is facing backlash after recording herself on camera saying the n-word. Barber is being investigated by University of Alabama officials after she posted explicitly racist videos on her social media where she repeatedly used the n-word.

Barber, a student in Alabama who is originally from Marlton, New Jersey, said in the videos that she was a member of Alpha Phi sorority. She has since been kicked out of the sorority for her actions.

In the first video published online, Barber is seen of turning off a sink, saying for the camera:

“We do not waste water…because of the poor people in Syria. We don’t waste water. I love how I act like I love black people because I f*cking hate n-words so that’s really interesting that I I f*cking hate n-words but I just saved the f*cking n-words by shutting that water off.”

The second video, which was posted on Monday, January 15, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, shows Barber addressing the first video, however, instead of apologizing, doubling down by using further racial slurs:

“I’ve wanted to be an Alpha Phi since I was f*cking in high school and nobody f*cking understands how much I love Alpha Phi and now someone wants to snake my finsta because I said n-word. You know what?”N-word. N-word. N-word. I don’t care if it’s Martin Luther King Day. I’m in the south now f*cking so everybody can f*ck off. I’m from New Jersey so I can say n-word as much as I want.”

Linda Kahangi, executive director of Alpha Phi International Fraternity, said that the “language and opinions expressed do not represent those of the sorority” and that “Ms. Barber is no longer a member of Alpha Phi.”

University of Alabama running back Damien Harris said of Barber on Twitter: “This girl goes to the same university as me but they say, ‘racism is dead.’ Unfortunately, this thread says the opposite.”

Barber, who spoke to the New York Post over the phone, has been expelled from the Univesity of Alabama.

via NY Post:

In a telephone interview with The Post, Barber, originally from Marlton, 20 miles east of Philadelphia, said she was in the process of returning to New Jersey on Wednesday after being expelled from the university.

“I did something really, really bad,” Barber told The Post. “I don’t know what to do and I feel horrible. I’m wrong and there’s just no excuse for what I did.”

Barber has been getting threatening phone calls in response to the videos, which “came out of nowhere,” she said.

Asked if she considered the advice from one of her friends who suggested that Barber not post the videos, Barber replied: “No, I’m an idiot. There’s no excuse. I did something really bad.”

“I feel horrible. I feel so, so bad and I am so sorry,” Barber said.


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