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Graham ‘The Christian’ Heavenrich: Full Story & Must-See Details

Graham Heavenrich YouTuber

Source: YouTube/Graham The Christian

YouTuber Graham Heavenrich, better known as Graham The Christian, uploaded a live stream video in which he repeated “Gucci Gang” 1 million times for charity.

You can watch the video below!

In order to raise money for charity, Heavenrich partnered with Red Nose Day, a charity who seeks to raise “awareness and money to help” children around the world “through the power of entertainment.” Heavenrich has partnered with the organization in the past, according to Twitter.

In addition to repeating ‘gucci gang,’ Heavenrich can also be seen wearing a “Gucci” t-shirt while in the live stream video. According to visual records, Heavenrich managed to say that 1,000 ‘gucci gangs’ in around 15 minutes!

For those who missed the original live stream, it is not too late to still help out Heavenrich’s cause; you can donate here. As the page boasts:

“Graham the Christian and his community have raised over $10,000 for Red Nose Day. Make a life-changing difference for children in some of the poorest communities here in United States and around the world.”

Who is Graham Heavenrich?

Originally named “CowbellyTV,” Heavenrich is a YouTube performer that has garnered 850,000 subscribers on his channel. He was best known for videos like “Club Penguin Ruined”, “Minecraft Ruined” and “Roblox Ruined;” he is normally called a gamer, but is also classified as a musical artist. He occasionally still uses the “CowbellyTV” moniker on social media, like his official Twitter account; in order to promote the “Gucci” campaign, for the time being, he is also going by the Twitter name, “Gucci Graham.”

He is 19 years of age, with his birthday on April 16, 1998. Heavenrich created his YouTube channel in November of 2015, with his first video, “Club Penguin Ruined Episode 1.”

What is ‘Gucci Gang?’

“Gucci Gang” in itself originates from a song from American rapper, Lil Pump. In its original incarnation, the video has garnered over 400 million views on YouTube.

Rising on the Hot 100 charts, Billboard said that the song was “arguably the hottest song in the world.”

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