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Official Proof That Mike Pence Is A Treasonous Bastard: He Once Ratted Out His Frat Bros For Having A Keg


(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

This dude Mike Pence may be the biggest weenie on the face of the Earth.

He can’t be alone with other women who aren’t his wife. Doesn’t believe in evolution. And now we find out his most damning quality of all: he’s a f*cking rat. And not just any rat, people, but the kind of rat that rats on his OWN rats. That’s one rat f*ck.

According to Newsweek,  Pence once reportedly snitched on his Phi Gamma Delta fraternity brothers for having a keg at a party on his college’s dry campus, getting the entire house in trouble. Folks, if you didn’t think Pence was a psycho before, well, here’s your proof, because you gotta be some kind of lunatic to stab your own fraternity in the back.

It’s … it’s almost like an agent of a foreign nation infiltrating a glorious brotherhood in order to undermine their way of life. Sounds a little familiar, eh?

via Newsweek:

Pence, then a sophomore at Hanover College, alerted the dean that his brothers were violating the small Presbyterian school’s strict no-alcohol policy, his former fraternity brother Dan Murphy told The Atlantic in a profile published on Tuesday.

At the time of the incident, the fraternity was reportedly having wild parties re-creating its favorite scenes from Animal House, which had recently been released. Pence “was not a particularly hard partier” but oversaw his brothers’ complicated plans to sneak alcohol into the house and was in charge of ironing out any issues with adults if things went wrong.

During one rowdy bash, the brothers found out a dean was coming to the house and tried to hide evidence of their illicit activities, according to the article. The future vice president greeted the dean at the door and proceeded to direct him straight to the kegs, telling the official they belonged to Phi Gamma Delta, his former brother said.

This was a major departure from the fraternity’s usual practice: Whoever answered the door took the blame for the booze so the whole house wasn’t formally disciplined, according to Murphy. But after Pence allegedly snitched, the entire fraternity was handed a harsh punishment.

So leave no doubt about it, folks, Mike Pence is a snake. We’ve all met that dude before, and unfortunately, our Vice President is that dude.

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