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Some Genius Compiled All Of The Hound’s Funniest Insults



Folks, Game Of Thrones has been off the air for a couple of months now, and we’re still a year out from the season 8 premiere. So, assuming you have a massive Westeros-sized hole in your life like I do, I decided to dig up some Thrones content for this beautiful Friday. And what I ultimately decided on was a compilation of The Hound’s best insults.

Frankly, if you don’t have the Hound in your top five favorite Game Of Thrones characters then I don’t consider you a true fan. He curses, he kills, he curses some more, he eats chicken, and he’s kinder than you’d expect. Other than Bronn, there’s no denying that the Hound has the greatest one-liners in the realm.

And luckily, someone on the internet agrees, as they spent their time doing hero’s work by making a supercut of all of The Hound’s best insults.

Whether it be threatening a little girl or a grown woman who’s bigger than he is, the Hound is an equal opportunity insulter.

Top Five Best Quotes From The Hound:

5. “F*ck the water, bring me wine.”

4. “Try it, archer. I’ll shove those arrows up your ass.”

3. Arya: “There are lots of people who name their swords.” The Hound: “Lots of c*nts.”

2. “I’ll tell you what doesn’t scare me: bald c*nts like you. You think you’re fooling anyone with that top knot? Bald c*nt.”

1. I understand that if any more words coming pouring out your c*nt mouth, I’m going to have to eat every f*cking chicken in this room.”

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