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New Mexico Chemistry Teacher Arrested For Selling Meth … Sound Familiar?


Don Ana County Jail

John W. Gose, a former high school chemistry teacher, has been convicted of cooking meth in New Mexico. On Wednesday, July 19, Gose was sentenced to four years in prison.

New Mexico District Judge Fernando Macias served Gose a nine-year sentence. The first four will be served in prison, and after he is released, Gose must serve five years of supervised probation.

Gose, a 56-year-old former chemistry teacher in New Mexico, pleaded guilty in May to trafficking by manufacturing a controlled substance.

We asked the court for the sentence we felt was appropriate for Mr. Gose,” Doña Ana County District Attorney Mark D’Antonio said in a statement. “We are very pleased that the defendant will have to face the consequences of his illegal and irresponsible decisions.”

Gose was arrested in October 2016 after police discovered glassware, rubber tubing, and the chemicals required to cook methamphetamines during a routine traffic stop. New Mexico State Police later found more chemicals and supplies at his home.

According to investigators, Gose was in possession of the ingredients necessary to yield at least one pound of methamphetamines, which has an estimated street value of $44,800.

via Santa Fe New Mexican:

Assistant District Attorney Tomas Medina told the judge that the methamphetamine was in the final stages of the crystallization process when Gose was arrested.He had faced up to 20 1/2 years in prison.

Authorities say Gose taught high school science in El Paso and middle school science in Las Cruces. According to police reports, Gose told a roommate he used to teach chemistry.

Gose will receive credit for the around seven months he has been incarcerated. Upon release, Gose must complete five years of supervised probation.

People were quick to point out similarities to the hit show Breaking Bad, which tells the story of a former New Mexico high school teacher who begins to manufacture methamphetamine.

So while you’re here, enjoy one of the most iconic scenes from the best television show of all-time.


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