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Alyssa Taft: Full Story & Must-See Details


Alyssa Taft was a 17-year-old senior at a New York high school, who was stabbed to death inside a residence in Sodus, a small town in Wayne County, New York. According to Rochester First, the suspect David Knight-Hollis, 19, “has been charged with murder in the second degree.”

According to local news reports, Taft was murder with a knife, as her throat was slit, and she was stabbed in the chest. The suspect is reportedly her then-boyfriend, who is also a senior at Sodus High School.

Authorities haven’t said much about Taft’s death on November 3. However, they are planning an afternoon news conference regarding the murder.

Here’s a video of suspect David Knight-Hollis being led into court in an orange jumpsuit.

During Hollis’ court hearing, details surrounding Taft’s death was revealed: “As the judge reads the account of the crime, we have learned Alyssa Taft was stabbed to death. David Knight-Hollis is charged w/ murder,” reported WHEC reporter Kaci Jones. Jeannie McBride, a Rochester reporter, added even more information, “Per Court: David Knight Hollis stabbed Alyssa Taft in the chest and slit her throat with a knife.” Amy Hudak of 13WHAM wrote, “David Knight-Hollis accused of stabbing Alyssa Taft in throat.”

In a brief press release, the murder of Alyssa Taft was confirmed by Wayne County Sheriff Barry Virts. Authorities are planning to hold a news conference at 2 P.M. (EST) to release additional information regarding the case.

According to the sheriff’s press release, “The Sodus homicide victim is 17 year old Alyssa Taft, a Sodus High School Senior student. A suspect is in custody to be arraigned later today. Sheriff Virts will be holding a press briefing at 2:00 p.m. at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, 7376 Route 31, Lyons, NY to detail the homicide.”

What Happened?

Alyssa Taft/Facebook

Alyssa Taft was found by authorities with her throat cut and stab wounds in her chest.

David Knight-Hollis has been charged with the murder of his then-girlfriend Alyssa Taft. Although this report has not been confirmed by authorities, The Wayne County Times is reporting that the suspect called 911 after the murder to confess. The newspaper alleged that, “A 17-year old female Sodus High School student was killed by her boyfriend. Following the murder, the boyfriend called 911 to report ‘I just killed my girlfriend.’ The incident occurred on Ridge Road in the Town of Sodus.”

According to The Democrat Chronicle, Alyssa, a “student at Sodus High School, was killed at 6009 Boyd Road, which is Bay Village Mobile Home Community in Sodus. It was not clear if she died inside a residence.”

Who is Alyssa Taft?

She’s a 17-year-old senior at Sodus High School, where she ran track and performed onstage as part of the drama club. She was also on the school’s honor roll.

One of Alyssa Taft’s Facebook friends says she looks like an “anime girl.” Alyssa didn’t write much on her page. Her profile read, “INTP. Don’t flirt with me.”

She liked taking selfies of herself in various different places, such as in cars, bathrooms, homes, etc.

Many of her Facebook remarks include her thanking her friends for telling her that she’s pretty or beautiful.

Taft wrote under one selfie, “I’ve always been this way and I call them hasbeens.” Under another selfie, she wrote, “S-A-D B-O-Y-S See me in the cut with it tatted on my chest.” Under a post in which she had blonder hair, she wrote, “Need 2 dye my hair.” And in another, from 2016, “It doesnt look that bad in this pic but my face is pt cute here.”

Where is Sodus, New York?

Sodus is a small town in Wayne County, made up of roughly 8,000 residents. The town’s name derives from a native word describing the bay on the eastern part of the community: “Assorodus,” which means “silvery water.”

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