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Call of Duty WW2 Maps: Best Maps & Missions List



Multiplayer has always been a key pillar in the success of the Call of Duty franchise and while this year’s edition might be getting a huge overhaul in the campaign mode, fans can rest assured that the addictive fun of Call of Duty multiplayer is here to stay in Call of Duty: WWII! Players will be able to jump into full blown battles as either the Allied or the Axis and play in classic Call of Duty multiplayer modes!

Sledgehammer Games has been showing off the game’s multiplayer campaign and like recent year’s it looks to be Call of Duty at its finest! The developers has also started showing off a new mode that makes its debut in CoD:WW2 called “War Mode”, this new style of multiplayer looks to take players on a “narrative based objectives” similar to Overwatch‘s Payload or Battlefield 1‘s Operations modes.

Plus, the developer is stacking the game full of customization and weapons for players to buy or unlock through loot boxes. With the multiplayer looking better than its been looking in year’s we wanted to count down the best new maps and “War Mode” missions in Call of Duty: WWII!

Check out the best maps and “War Mode” missions in Call of Duty: WWII:

Best New Maps In Call of Duty WWII:


The classic Call of Duty that appeared in the first and second iterations of the game makes its debut in glorius HD in this full remake of the map. Unfortunately, the map is only available to season pass holders but it is well worth the money given the trailer that Activision release for it last month. Set in a tight and small town, battles will get crazy and explosive as your troops battle on the ground and in the air!


This stunning winter landscape will be home to gruesome battles online as players battle through a German encampment set in a forest. On-foot, vehicular and air combat is at play in this map and victory will be tough. With not many places to hide, this open winter wonderland will be red with blood.


Engage in high-octane and bloody battles in this multilevel heavily fortified seaside fort. Gain the upper hand by grabbing a big vantage point in the upper lane or hop on a machine gun and plow down your enemies right by the sea in this dense and sprawling map!


Take the battle to this dense Belgian border city as you fight to take it back from the dirty Nazi scum. Battle through the apartments of the city or take the battle to the streets as you fight for survival in this hellscape. Vehicular combat will also play a key role in the game, so watch out for those tanks!

Pointe Du Hoc

The landing point for the historic D-Day assault on Normandy makes it’s way to Call of Duty:WWII in this intense and grisly map. Battle through bunkers and trenches as you fight for survival to take down your enemies. On ground, air, and vehicular combat will be at play in this map.

Call of Duty: WWII “War Mode” Missions:

Operation Breakout


Set near the town of Saint-Lo, the Allies must invade the town to take down the German forces. In order to win the match, the Allies must:

  • Capture and secure a manor to use as a Forward Operating Base
  • Push into the nearby town and construct a bridge
  • Destroy the flak guns’ ammo cache.
  • Escort the friendly tank to the church so it can destroy the flak guns.

While on the other hand, the Axis must hold off the Allies and defend all objectives from getting completed.

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