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iPhone X Reviews: Must-See Reviews & Hands On Videos From Critics

iphone X

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iPhone X won’t go into pre-orders until Friday, launching November 3, but Apple is putting out all the stops to promote their new device, according to MacRumors. Several YouTubers were invited, even directly, to give an early review to help promote the phone and the videos are out here for you to enjoy already!

Brian Farmer and Noah Thomas of Highsnobiety were excited about “Animoji!”

These two were excited about becoming cartoons. As they said of the phone, “That was great! That actually ended really well! The colors were really nice, too!”

Soldier Knows Best even got invited to New York for this review!

Admitting that he wasn’t able to get playback on the display used, this review even personalized the phone, describing that “little bit of a receding hairline at the top of it.” The phones are also said to be easier to clean than other counterparts, especially with fingerprint stains.

Booredatwork.com even did a side-by-side comparison!

Comparing it to other phones side-by-side, the review claimed the iPhone X was one of the better-looking phones. Like with the other reviews, the Animoji was certainly popular.

FASHION Magazine came complete with a list!

On behalf of Canada’s FASHION Magazine, Sam Beckerman also got to travel to the event. Including a list of the top 10 aspects of the phone, do I even need to mention that Animoji was part of the group?

EverythingApplePro did a compare/contrast to the iPhone 8/8 Plus

In case you were “on the fence” over which phone you should end up buying, this review went through every similarity and difference. Is it important that one phone fits in your hand? They go over that!

If YouTube videos are not enough to win you over, just be patient. Official in-depth reviews will start coming out in the next few days as the iPhone X reaches its release date. We will make sure to update this post as reviews come out, including the major tech blogs out there!

Around you excited for the new iPhone X?

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