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#SignsYoureABadPresident: Must-See Tweets, Photos & Best Reactions


Never-Trumpers have taken over Twitter yet again. These presidential bashers are spreading the hashtag #SignsYoureABadPresident, making it the number one trending term worldwide. President of where? Russia? No wait…isn’t that guy also president of the United States? Oh, snap! All jokes aside, let’s get right to the tweets.

Let’s here from this black mask-clad Twitter user…

Hey, Edgar, isn’t that a bit ageist? I’d check my young privilege if I were you…

Let’s see Ian56 tweet regarding #SignsYoureABadPresident…

Let’s see what Angie say….. Oh, no, she’s criticizing Obama. This isn’t on the neoconservative media script. Wait, someone is cracking jokes about almighty Barry O…. I’ll allow it!

Alright, this one is just plain mean…

Which one?

He did?

That isn’t right…

Gotta stay dry tho…

You mean November 4th? That didn’t happen yet. And if you’re talking about Abraham Lincoln, you’re barking up a pretty controversial tree with that Tweet, mate.

Who said the president needed to be a good role model?

Is that Milo Yiannopoulos?

Something tells me this Twitter guy doesn’t like the president very much…

Even in the Republican Party, Trump sticks out like an orange thumb…

Well, at least this writer is staying unbiased.

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