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LISTEN: Majid Jordan, ‘The Space Between’ Stream & Download: New Album


Majid Jordan is a Canadian R&B duo, composed of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. Jordan is originally from Canada while Majid arrived in Toronto from Bahrain.Working between Ullman’s dorm room and his parents’ basement, they launched their first joint EP titled Afterhours on SoundCloud under the pseudonym Good People.

The types of music they produce include R&B, PBR&B, synthpop, and synthwave. If one wants to know, they are signed to OVO Sound, rapper Drake’s record label. Their newest release, The Space Between, is their second studio. It releases today, October 27th, 2017.

When I first saw the cover art, it was trippy. The layout reminded me of the game formats at the arcade. The pixels were congealed together, and the font was more graphic and box-like. The design, especially the letters, has a three-dimensional design. In the center or focal point of the album, there appears two brackets and a solid line dividing both of them. The symbol explicitly sends a message of the “space between.” Both the imagery and color of the album are visually attractive and enticing.

When listening to the album, I encountered one of its selections titled “The Space Between.” The introduction was chill-vibed yet eerie. However, the fusion of his dreamy and smooth vocals with the electronic beats create an aura of relaxation and ease. The usage of the synth piano and the consistent beats elicit a contagious groove. As for “Gave Your Love Away,” the high-hat percussion definitely makes a difference. My head bobs back and forth as I listen to the lyrics. The message of the song undoubtedly implants itself into your head, just because of the strange yet repetitive style of the flow of the lyrics. Overall, the album is interesting, different, and innovative.

Stream Majid Jordan’s album The Space Between

You can stream the album via Spotify. 

Apple Music The Space Between Stream

You can stream The Space Between on Apple Music.

Download The Space Between

If you like to purchase the album, head on over to iTunes.

The Space Between Tracklist

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Gave Your Love Away”
  3. “OG Heartthrob”
  4. “Body Talk”
  5. “Not Ashamed”
  6. “One I Want”
  7. “You”
  8. “Phases”
  9. “Asleep”
  10. “What You Do to Me”
  11. “My Imagination”
  12. “The Space Between”
  13. “Outro”

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