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Claire Jeffress: Full Story & Must-See Details


In a 35-35 tie with 1:08 to play and the game on the line, Dawson High School’s kicker approached the 20 yard line. After a perfect snap, one swipe of the leg was the decision maker between which team was going home with a 5-1 record.

She made the kick.

Claire Jeffress, Dawson High’s senior kicker and homecoming queen, went viral after video of her game-winning kick proved that girls do have what it takes to make it in the male dominated sport of football.

But who is Claire Jeffress?
The game winner! pic.twitter.com/8Grl3qI0Vm

— Dawson Eagles (@DawsonHighSchl) October 21, 2017

Jeffress began kicking in seventh grade and spent two years in Dawson’s JV team before turning varsity last season. In her varsity debut, she went 4-4 in extra point attempts.

At only 5-foot-3, Jeffress only began attempting field goals last season after being relegated to extra point duty, and has yet to perform a kickoff. Still, she makes sure that her small stature does not warrant any special attention while the football field.

“Whenever I put on my pads or I go on the field, he’s like, ‘You’re not a girl right now. You’re a football player.’ ” Jeffress said to Chron.com. “Then, when we get back to the school, he’d be like ‘OK, Claire, you can be a girl now again.”

On the pitch, Jeffress is an established member of Dawson’s women’s soccer team. She’s scored 11 goals in her career at Dawson, and was a first-team selection for her district in April.

The spotlight doesn’t seem to bother Jeffress. In fact, see seems to actively seek it out. She kicked another game-winning field goal two weeks ago to seal a 14-13 win over George Ranch, and was crowned homecoming queen a week later.

Following Dawson’s homecoming game against Brazoswood on October 13, Jeffress posed with her homecoming sash, tiara, and bouquet of roses while still donning her football jersey and pads. In a world where women are still under represented in major sports, Jeffress’ field goals bring hope that perhaps that won’t be the case for much longer.

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