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AP Top 25 College Football Rankings 2017: Week 9 AP Poll


From week to week, college football fans are often treated to a smorgasbord of highly competitive contests that drastically alter the complexion of the competitive landscape. However, there are times where highly ranked programs live up to their lofty pedestals and then some. This was one of those weeks. Only one of the top 10 teams from last week was switched out with Oklahoma State and Oklahoma dropping one stop each to make room for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish as the 9th ranked team in the country.

AP Top 25 College Football Rankings 2017: Week 9

The only truly meaningful change in the AP rankings this week was the drop of USC from 11 to 21 after being manhandled by the Fighting Irish on both defense and offense. The only new addition to the rankings this week are the Iowa State Cyclones at 25, who more than earned their place amongst the college football elite by outgunning two of the more prolific offenses in the Big 12 (Texas Tech, Oklahoma). As a side note, this will be the final week that the Ap Poll will be considered the official rankings for college football. Starting on Halloween, the College Football Playoff committee will be the deciders of the actual rankings until the end of the season.

Ranking Team (1st place votes)
1  Alabama (61)
2  Penn St.
3  Georgia
4  TCU
5  Wisconsin
6  Ohio St.
7  Clemson
8  Miami
9  Notre Dame
10  Oklahoma
11  Oklahoma St.
12  Washington
13  Virginia Tech
14  NC St.
15  Washington St.
16  Michigan St.
17  USF
18  UCF
19  Auburn
20  Stanford
21  USC
22  West Virginia
23  LSU
24  Memphis
25  Iowa St.

Unsurprisingly, the Michigan Wolverines were left out of the rankings this week after losing to a far superior Penn State program on the road. While Michigan does have a playoff caliber defense, their inept offense as it pertains to their passing attack has exposed them as being one of the most predictable teams in college football.

Dropped from rankings: Michigan 19
Those receiving votes that did not make the poll: Texas A&M 74, Michigan 60, Mississippi State 43, San Diego State 7, Georgia Tech 5, South Carolina 2, Toledo 1, Marshall 1

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