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Halloween 2017: Top 10 Cities for Trick-or-Treating in the United States

Trick-or-treating, Halloween

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If you have the resources, there are ways to ensure that you have a good “harvest” this Halloween. In television specials, kids always plan which houses, and even streets, give out the best candy, but why stop there? Certain cities are known for being better places to go trick-or-treating than others. SmartAsset decided to compile a list of the top 10 cities to go trick-or-treating, making use of seven different factors. Not to spoil anything this year, but the Mid-West appeared to be in good standing this year, with Wisconsin as king, having three different cities on the list.

What Determines a Happy Night Out This Year?

Halloween, Trick-or-Treating

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  • Population Density
  • Percent of Residents Under the Age of 15
  • Home Values
  • Violent Crime Rates
  • Property Crime Rates
  • Precipitation
  • Temperature

Here are the Top 10 Cities to Trick-Or-Treat!

Nampa, Idaho

Reportedly, Nampa one the top ranking of American cities for the third time in a row. Low chances of rain, combined with nearly a third of the population being children, certainly helped the area’s chances this year.

Orem, Utah

Orem’s low violent and property crime rates certainly put the city over the edge this year. Sure, Halloween is the time and place to scare and be scared, but you can seek the forces of the living dead and join their crusade, all the while being safe too.

Kennewick, Washington

Similar to Nampa, Kennewick ranks because of its chances of good weather and its number of children in the area, the main dividing issue is that low family-housing density might mean children and their parents will have to cover a lot of ground.

Aurora, Illinois

Despite being named after the dawn, Aurora’s time to shine this year will be Halloween night. One card in its favor is that it is a relatively housing-dense place to go trick-or-treating.

El Paso, Texas

Let’s not forget all the fun and festivities come at a cost. El Paso, fortunately, is considered the second-most affordable place to go trick-or-treating this year. This being Texas, however, one should consider being careful of the heat.

Dearborn, Michigan

Dropping from a fifth place to sixth this year, Dearborn had a lot of the seven factors in its favors, except that there will be a high chance of rain this year.

Appleton, Wisconsin

Appleton ranked higher this year than last year, back when it did not even make it into the top 10%. It’s nice to know that Appleton is getting their stuff together this year!

Kenosha, Wisconsin

I told you that Wisconsin decided to take over this year! Something tells me that this is not going to be the last time we see a place in American’s Dairyland just yet, either. There’s a “milk chocolate” joke to be made here if I could just figure it out…

Elgin, Illinois

There has been a slight increase in violent crimes in the area, and Elgin fell two spots from last year, but the crisp, weather is expected to make trick-or-treating pleasant this year.

Racine, Wisconsin

I told you that Wisconsin wasn’t done this year! Long live the Badger State! Teach us all thy great wisdom!

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