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Northern Michigan University: New Marijuana Degree Brings Whole New Meaning to ‘Higher Learning’

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At the colleges of today, it seems like you can study all kinds of subjects as your major: sociology, fine arts or biology. Thanks to Northern Michigan University, now students can find themselves preparing for a degree in marijuana studies. Brings a whole meaning to “higher education.” Or “higher learning.”

Yes, not just a class, but an actual degree!

School officials have said that they think the degree will be beneficial to this changing world, now that 29 states have legalized medical marijuana and eight have also made pot legal for recreational use.

According to university trustee James Haveman, “Many of the states are legalizing different substances and they’re really looking for quality people to do the chemistry and the science and it’s the university’s responsibility to produce those kinds of students for those kinds of jobs,” according to ABC 7.

‘This is not an easy program. It’s a really intense biology chemistry program.’

The program has started this fall, with the university saying a lot of students are interested. One could even say that interest is pretty high. Sure, let’s go with that.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response from growing operations, dispensaries and other businesses who want to take on our students as interns,” said associate chemistry professor Brandon Canfield, in a released statement, according to Detroit Free Press.

Jokes aside, don’t go into this program thinking that it will be all fun and games. “Obviously, the programme is new and it might speak to a certain crowd. But, for a student to succeed, they’re going to have to be very dedicated and motivated,” added Canfield.

“This is not an easy program. It’s a really intense biology chemistry program.”

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