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Tim Cook Net Worth 2017: How Much is Apple CEO Worth?

Tim Cook, Apple

Source: YouTube/Bloomber

Tim Cook is currently the CEO of Apple, having once served as the Chief Operating Officer, under its founder, the late Steve Jobs. While making a recent appearance at Oxford University, he discussed the importance failing in your career and going with your intuition when choosing your life goals. With this kind of mindset, let’s look at what kind of money such a man is worth!

Tim Cook’s net worth is $400 million

Cook helped turn Apple around and eventually became the company’s CEO after Steve Jobs stepped down in 2011, a move that proved lucky now that his net worth is $400 million, according to Bankrate.


After graduating from Auburn University, Cook got his start in the tech industry with IBM, a company he stayed with for 12 years, where he managed to work his way up to becoming the company’s North American Fulfillment director. He also later served as Chief Operating Officer for Intelligent Electronics, and later became the Vice President of Corporate Materials for Compax in 1997, according to Chron.


In 1998, however, he eventually got his start with the company he would eventually become a CEO for. While a chief operating officer for Apple, he had made the company profitable, especially with the arrival of the iPod, iPhone and iPad.


As mentioned, in 2011, Cook took the role of CEO after Jobs stepped down from the role and named him as his successor, with him passing away the same year. As CEO, Cook is also a member of Apple’s board of directors, and also helps to continue Jobs’ legacy. In 2015, he was granted the Ripple of Change Award from the Robert. F. Kennedy Center.

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