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‘South Park’ Is Back With A New Episode Tonight, And It’s All About Fake News


South Park is back with an all-new episode all about fake news being spread by the devious cornball Professor Chaos. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even gets involved when Chaos causes too much trouble for the boys of South Park.

This infamous cartoon program went from “White People Renovating Houses” to tensions with North Korea to french-kissing some Native American dude to fool a DNA test.What will the guys from South Park do next?

Tonight, Professor Chaos tries to ruin the reputation of Coon and friends by spreading false information about the superhero group off of Facebook.

Mr. Facebook (Zuckerberg) himself even steps in to help stop the dreaded fake news. And if this episode is about fake news, you can probably expect an orange presidential face to pop up on Twitter/social media to get involved in someway. Excited for the new episode? Look below and find out what you need to know, so you can watch tonight’s show on your TV, PC, tablet or mobile device.

South Park “Franchise Prequel” Comedy Central Viewing Details

Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Time: 10:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: Comedy Central
Live Stream: Comedy Central
Starring: Matt Stone, and Trey Parker

How To Watch South Park Live Stream Online

Looking to live stream another hilarious episode of South Park? You can go on Comedy Central‘s official website for the show’s official live stream. But you’re going to need to log-in with your cable provider information to get access to that sweet content.

Follow this link and you can watch “Franchise Prequel” right now! Earlier today, Comedy Central released the entire episode online before it premieres on their network. Watch it anytime you want.

How To Live Stream South Park “Franchise Prequel” on Mobile

Are you the type of bro who likes to watch TV shows on your phone? Well, you’re in luck! You can watch your beloved brethren for one last season on the Comedy Central App. You can download this app on Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku, iPhone and iPad, Google Play, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

How To Watch South Park Online Without a Cable Subscription

Don’t have a cable subscription? Don’t sweat it. Binge on the fourth season of South Park with an awesome live stream. You can watch it live through DIRECTV NOW. You’ll get a free seven-day membership with DIRECTV NOW. And seven days worth of free service sounds pretty sweet to me.

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