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Temple University Honors Student Shot & Killed In Miami After Running Over Police Officer


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Cariann Denise Hithon, a 22-year-old honors student at Temple University, was shot dead on her birthday by Miami Police after she allegedly driving drunk and hitting a police officer.

Hithon was shot and killed on Sunday, October 8, by a Miami Police officer who claims he had to open fire when she drove into a fellow officer. A video posted to the internet shows Hilton’s car run over Officer David Cajuso, prompting the second officer to shoot into the window.

According to reports, Hithon, who was celebrating her birthday in South Beach, was driving erratically around 6:15pm before crashing her black BMW into another car on 12th Street and Ocean Drive. Hithon then allegedly sped through a red light and hit a car on Lincoln Road. She then attempted to drive off again in what police called an “apparent attempt to flee the scene.”

When Miami police caught up with Hithon, Officer Cajuso went to stand in front of the car in an apparent keep Hithon from driving any further. She then attempted to flee again, running over Officer Cajuso, which led to the second officer open firing. She continued to travel on 12th Street after the shooting and came to a complete stop after hitting another parked vehicle.

via CBS Miami:

“She started the car and ran away,” said witness Miguel Garcia. “She was, like, going over the policeman in front of her, the officer.” Garcia said when he saw the woman’s face, she had a wild, crazed expression.

“She was staring, it was very scary looking, I think she was on drugs or something,” said Garcia.

Another cop unloaded on the BMW after the officer was run down. The BMW continued westbound on 12th Street where it struck a Pathfinder SUV and came to a rest. The woman was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center where she died. A man who was with her in the car was taken for questioning. The girl’s father Cary Hithon reached by phone in Bowie, Maryland told CBS4 his daughter was in South Florida celebrating her 22nd birthday.

“We just had a conversation recently… she was going to do great things for society and our culture,” said Hithon. “She wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who weren’t as fortunate as her.”

An investigation is underway, and the name of the police officer who killed Hithon has not been released.

Temple University released a statement regarding Hithon’s death:

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