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Esports Now Game News: Updates & Must-See Details -10/09/17


Esports Now is back with more competitive gaming news. Before the Overwatch League launches in December, let’s take a look over at the Rocket League Championship Series, which just picked up the best team in the league. And oh, we have more news for the Overwatch League too, as the date draws closer to the premiere of the series…

Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the Rocket League…

Fnatic creates new Rocket League team

Our video-gaming host Quinn To with Oomba TV, says that “Fnatic is revving up their engines and creating a new Rocket League team.”

Who did Fnatic sign for their new team. They’ve signed the former teammates of Team Leftovers: Nicolai “Maestro” Bang, Nicolai “Snaski” Andersen, Alexander “Sikii” Karelin.

This team is already an absolute beast, sitting 1st place in the European Rocket League Rival Series, with a perfect score of 6-0.

If the former Leftovers keep up the good work, they’ll earn themselves a spot in the championship series. If the current standings stay the same, that you can expect Fnatic and Endpoint to face the two bottom teams in the series, Flip Side Tactics and Team Secret, for two slots in the championship series.

Overwatch announces name for their Dallas Franchise

The Overwatch League recently announced the name for their Dallas franchise. Team Envy and the Hersh Interactive Group co-own  Team Fuel a.k.a. “The Boys In Blue.” They’re the second team in the league to reveal their name and logo. The Shanghai Dragons were the first teams to unveil their name and logo to the public.

On December 6, the Overwatch League kicks off its pre-season. Expect more Overwatch updates as the date draws closer…

More Esports Now Game News!

Look below and find out more updates from Esports Now Game News. Enter the realm of competitive gaming at your own risk!

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