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Tom Petty’s Top 10: A Countdown Of Tom Petty’s Best Songs

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Tom Petty passed away this past Sunday night from a full cardiac arrest while at a Santa Monica hospital. The namesake of Tom Petty and the HeartBreakers left us with behind with a legacy of music to remember him by. Back in 2013, Rolling Stone published a list of Petty’s top songs, based around a reader’s poll. With a career lasting decades, including solo acts and leading a band, try to see if any of your favorite Tom Petty songs made the list.

10. “You Wreck Me”

9. “Here Comes My Girl”

8. “Learning to Fly”

7. “The Waiting (Running Down a Dream)”

6. “Breakdown”

5. “I Won’t Back Down”

4. “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”

3. “Refugee”

2.“Free Falling”

1. “American Girl”

Now Tell Us Which Song is Your Favorite!

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